2016 Presidential Election: Stepping Away for a Day

I woke up in the morning knowing that where I left off watching the presidential election before heading to bed, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were neck and neck. The next morning I was so anxious to look at my phone, but I don't know if I was truly ready for the disappointment that was to come.

Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election beating out Hillary Clinton by a landslide. I felt a deep pit in my stomach. I didn't know what to say or what to think other than the fact that racists, sexists, islamaphobes, and bigots won this election.

So many of us are scared for what's to come. Saying that we've made 'progress' up to this point is setting the bar pretty low to those aware of the rampant racism that exists through police brutality and mass incarceration, to those aware of the fact that Muslims are protesting their right to humanity, to those aware of a charge of bigotry against Latino immigrants that categorizes them as drug dealers, criminals, and rapists.

But even still many of us held out hope that what Trump represents so boastfully and proudly wouldn't make its way into the White House. We knew that the foundation of this country is embodied through every single statement Trump has made, yet we held that tiny bit of hope that something would give and Hillary was a way. Not 'the' way or the 'best' way, but a way.

It didn't turn out that way.

After scrolling through my twitter timeline and seeing tweets of anger, sadness, and disappointment, I decided that today I would take some time to myself, away from social media, Twitter in particular. Not that I necessarily tweet that much myself, because I don't, but I am constantly looking at my timeline. No matter how much Twitter, and even Facebook, may be seen as 'not real life', all of it takes a toll on you both mentally and emotionally.

I didn't decide to step away because I'm tired of election talk or because there's anything or anyone other than white supremacy that I blame for what has just occurred. I needed to find some sense of happiness for my sanity, even if only for a few hours.

So beyond going to work today, I caught up on some of my favorite shows, even texted back and forth with one of my friends about one of the shows we watch together. Those conversations always find a way to bring out a smile and a laugh.

I'm a YouTube junkie so I caught up on some videos by my favorites; it's amazing how addictive YouTube is. I listened to music. I found solace in the little things.

It's okay to step away and do for self. You aren't hiding and you aren't running away from reality. Knowing yourself is to understand when your mind, body, and spirit are overwhelmed and just needs a break. You owe that to yourself.

Article by Deneia Washington

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