It is 2017, the year everyone wants to reinvent themselves, start over, and learn from their mistakes. Every year, people set resolutions that often aren’t met before the coming year is over. Well, today, I am adding one easy step to complete your list of resolutions: buy black in 2017! This means go out and support businesses and products created or sold by black people in your communities. Whether it is in your neighborhood or in your social communities, buying black is one of the best ways to keep our community strong. Below are 5 black owned businesses for men and women that will allow you to build up your entrepreneurial brothers and sisters.


(images via glossrags.com)

2015 and 2016 were riddled with cases of police brutality that unfortunately ended in the death of many young black men and women. Glossrags uses its products to constantly remind people of those injustices through brilliant collections including “Stay Woke”, a collection of windbreaker jackets, cups, and hats that boldly display the words “STAY WOKE.” Glossrags also features the “And counting” collection which includes posters, shirts, and sweatshirts that feature the names of the men and women who have fallen victim to police brutality. A young woman, named Randi Gloss, solely funds this business. You can help her keep Glossrags up and running by making a purchase or a donation.



(image via dontsleepinteriors.com)

This brand is creating “comfort consciousness” (a term coined by the brand itself) with pillows that feature the images and words of legendary black men and women. These pillows are inspired by events, people, and speeches that have created the Black experience in America. From James Baldwin to Nina Simone, this culture-rich decor is sure to create a comfortable space where you can relax with a piece of history on every pillow.


 (image via amazon.com)

 Get your mind right in 2017 by purchasing Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. This book is split into four chapters that will take you on a journey to healing and mending any of the negative experiences you have gone through in the past. Go into 2017 stronger with this guide to learning to let things go and finding the good in situations that may have brought you to low points in life. You can purchase the book on Amazon or at a Barnes & Noble near you.


(image via magnepels.com)

Switch up your outfits with a little accent of color through Magnepels. Magnepels are magnetic flower pins that can be added to sweaters and lapels for men and women. The design of these flower accessories makes it easier for everyone to use without the fear of ruining your favorites clothing items with holes. Support this unique business and create a timeless look for your next outing in 2017 with Magenpels.


 (images via scotchporter.com)

Focusing on skin care doesn’t just have to be for women. With Scotch Porter, men can take care of their face and their beards with their line of skincare and beard care products. Their products include ingredients such as charcoal and argan oil that will leave your face and beard feeling clean and moisturized. Adding this product to your regimen is sure to yield amazing results.

I hope this list serves as a good starting point for you to begin buying from Black businesses in the New Year. This is a small list, but if you do your research, I am sure you will find many more black owned businesses to support in your local communities. Share this with other people you know to build awareness for black owned businesses in 2017.

Article by Adrienne Lloyd

Edited by Oge Erechukwu

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