Healthy Drinks for When You're Tired of Water

Of course there are a few snacks that I think are good and kind to our bodies, but what about some drinks? Besides water, there aren't many completely healthy choices out there. So what do you turn to when you really have a taste for something other than water? Now don't get me wrong, water is bae and especially good for you and ginger ale is my guilty pleasure, but there are a few other drinks that I absolutely LOVE that are pretty friendly to our bodies.

Fruit Smoothies

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Well, duh..fruits are nature's candy. All different fruits come with different health benefits. For example, bananas (which I actually hate and if you like them, I probably can't trust you) are packed with calcium and oranges have a bunch of vitamin C in them. Good stuff! I always go for strawberry smoothies though because I feel like strawberries are very good for mixing with foods of different textures. You can throw some chocolate in there, or some whipped cream, though that would decrease its nutritional value. I like to add things like protein powder or even peanut butter after a good workout.

Iced Tea

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Not just plain old' iced tea though. I still like to throw some fruits in there to switch up the flavor. It's been said that certain iced teas help heighten your metabolism, block new fat cells from forming, and contain different nutrients to help enhance your health. We're not talking about Snapple or your corner store Arizonas here. Your best bet is to find iced teas in glass bottles. They're usually organic...except Snapple. You can also try these brands: Ginger Oasis Herbal Tea, Harney & Sons Organic Plain Black Iced Tea, Bhakti Chai Unsweetened, Inko's Organic White Tea Unsweetened-Hint O-Mint, and Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea. I haven't tried them myself, but they are all organic.

Diluted Fruit Juice

Photo sourced from  Wikimedia

Photo sourced from Wikimedia

Again, fruits are nature's CANDY. Basically, they have a lot of sugar so we should always watch out for the amount we consume despite all the other good stuff they have going on. To help, diluting your fruit juice with some water can reduce the amount of sugar you consume and still benefit from the vitamins and antioxidants that fruit juices have to offer. I like to dilute my juice with water because I actually think they taste better that way, especially my cranberry juice.

Aloe Vera Juice

Photo sourced from  StaticFlickr

Photo sourced from StaticFlickr

Aloe Vera plants look so strange to me, but they're so good for you. Its juice helps with liver function, helps to clear up your skin, keeps you hydrated, and it also helps to relieve constipation. I like the one with the aloe vera chunks in it, and they come in different flavors.

That's all I have! I'll be on the lookout for more healthy drink choices because there should be more. I've learned that products sold in markets like Shop Rite and Fresh Grocer are poor quality (and sometimes trash), to be honest. Exploring different food and drinks in different cities, states, and different parts of the world is necessary to find more options. Another reason to go out and travel :). Hope you enjoyed! Until next time.


Article by Lola Akinsola


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