Girl, let that Ish Go! Spring cleaning Tips for Decluttering and Getting your Shit Together

Girl, let that shit go! Spring cleaning Tips for decluttering and getting your shit together

Solange said it best in her hit Cranes in the Sky, “I ran my credit card bill up thought a new dress would make it better.”   Sometimes retail therapy is exactly what you need to reward yourself after working hard for your job or your family, but have you gone overboard? No worries! It’s a new season and the perfect excuse to throw it away or give it away, away, away…

Decluttering is like detox for your living space. Have you ever noticed how much better your spirit feels after you tidy up a bit?  Decluttering and organizing your space has an even greater affect.  A quick search using keywords like decluttering, organization methods and spring cleaning, and you will find plenty of suggestions.  To get you started now, here are some tips and a few things I’ve found helpful in my quest for getting it together. 

1.       Don’t bring sand to the beach: When it comes to letting shit go, stop bringing shit in! You already have enough stuff as it is.  Do not go to the store and make purchases for organization girl! This is just working against yourself.  So, start by saying no to bringing in more stuff to your living space until you have actually cleared things out.  Oh, and If a friend or family member tries to give you something that you truly do not need and will not add value to your purpose, respectfully decline.  This part will be hard to do but as with anything practice makes the habit and you will thank yourself for being disciplined enough to just say no.

2.       Honestly WTF?! (What’s This For): Pick a room, a closet, or take your whole house or apartment on and look at everything that just does not seem to have real purpose and ask yourself this simple question, “Honestly WTF?!” We are all guilty of holding on to things we don’t have use for and some of us overdo it more than others *slowly raises hand* But it’s cool girl you got this and if you can’t answer the ‘What’s This For’ question then it needs to go in the respective Donate or Sell pile.  Which brings me to my next tip.

3.       Everything Must Go!: So you’ve made your ‘Donate’ and ‘Sell’ piles. You’ve dropped your donations off to Goodwill, your local church, or shelter. Great! You go, girl! Now what’s going on with the ‘Sell’ pile?  Is it still sitting there waiting for you to take pics and post on EBay or letgo?  No, girl…don’t do it, don’t make the Sell pile another project that you may never get to.  If you’re not going to do it now then you need to donate this pile as well.  I have fallen into this trap.  Although my intentions were good to make some extra money, I didn’t need something else to put off I decided to just go ahead and donate. 

Another way to make the decision to donate versus sell is something I’ve come up with, is called “Considering the PPW (price per wear)”.  For example, if you paid $65.00 for a pair of shoes that you’ve owned for 5 years, wore them at least twice over that time, that’s 65/ (5*2) = $6.5, making the PPW $6.50.  If you can look at the shoes and say that you’d be ok with paying the price of $6.50 to wear those shoes on each occasion, then you’ve gotten your money’s worth and you can donate the shoes without feeling like you’ve lost out on some extra cash.

4.       Find a proven organization method:  There are books, blogs and pins that can help you find the method that works for you as well as worksheets and templates to make your own checklists if you’re like me and into making lists.

Here’s a few I have found and tried:

·         60 things to toss out in the next 60 days

·         Cleaning Checklists for every day, week and month

·         How To Live Lighter Worksheets and Checklists for living minimalist

5.       Take a look, it’s in a book:  There are many books methods to minimalism, but one I have found to be helpful is the Konmari Method found in the book Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. It has wonderful tips and helps you achieve true Zen in your living space.  I use her folding method, which you fold your clothing and place it upright like a file.  I’ve done this in my son’s drawers and it makes finding his clothes in the morning a breeze.  I can see everything and nothing gets ‘lost’ under the stack of folded clothes since everything is upright and visible to the eye.  I literally page through the clothes to find the perfect shirt or jeans, it’s like fashionable bookkeeping.  What’s even better is everything stays neat and tidy, no extra clean up.  You can see a picture demonstration of the Konmari folding method here.

Here are some links to other great reads:

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your clutter, take a deep breath and remember this not a race and you can only do one thing at a time.  It may take you a month or two to finish your decluttering project depending on how much stuff you have and that’s fine.  You got this girl! In the end, you can relax in your new tidy place and say “Damn, I did that!”


Tina McEachin