No Basic Witches Here: D-I-Y- Halloween Outfits

Can you believe that we’re in October already? Since we’re approaching the holiday months, it makes perfect sense to focus our wardrobes for the season; and why not start with Halloween?

I know what you’re thinking, Halloween, really? For centuries Halloween has been generalized as the perfect holiday for children and the majority. A lot of African-Americans shy away from the candy-filled holiday, because of the discriminatory activities that occur. We are here to dead all of this! Who’s to say that we can’t join in the festivities too.

The list of things to do on Halloween is endless. You can round up your girlfriends and get scared straight at a haunted house, or even go to a Halloween themed college party. Long gone are the days of sitting on the couch and watching Halloween marathons on TV while avoiding persistent trick-or-treaters.

Now that we have your attention, we’re going to help you slay the night away. There’s no need to go to your local convenience store when you have this list below. We came up with fun, bold, and most importantly affordable Halloween outfits. All of these outfits are D.I.Y. so you can put in as much as you want to.

            Since Halloween is all about disguising yourself as someone else, why not turn on your Inner-Diva. Cookie Lyon, a fictional character on Empire, is everything from sassy to fly. She is someone that we would want to be on a regular day if we had her immense wardrobe. We can admit that Taraji’s fiery attitude is hard to mimic, but her wardrobe is a little easier to master. Cookie is always seen rocking a bad-ass fur cut and bright lipstick.



            Remember in 2002 when Aaliyah starred as the seductive vampire Queen Akasha? Of course you do. This look is a perfect way to show off your winged-eyeliner skills. Aaliyah showed a bit of skin in the movie; but, this look can easily be duplicated by finding a black bandeau and a long, black skirt with a sexy slit. Have fun with the accessories and headpiece.

            Since we’re on the topic of ‘head-pieces’, how about we channel our inner-Queens? We derived from them, so why not pay homage. Since there is a weird perception that Africans paid little to no contribution to the development of Egypt; let’s assert the truth. Have as much fun as you want with this look. You can easily order a co-ordinate piece and grab your favorite printed turban.

            You can keep things fun and sexy by bringing out your inner-lioness. This look is perfect for all you curly-haired naturalista’s out there. You can easily find a YouTube video on how to draw on your whiskers. Rawr, we see you!

            Last but not least, My favorite look of all-time! We cannot forget Beyoncé’s legendary performance at the super bowl where she and her dancers were dressed like black-militants. This look speaks volumes, and It gives you a reason to wear those patent-leather boots that are hiding in the back of your closet.


Article by Unique Ratcliff



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