Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Natural hair takes a lot of maintenance whether you are rocking the teenie weenie afro, a shoulder length style, or long bra strap length tresses. Styling and manipulating “the fro” constantly can lead to long-term damages. If you are a self-proclaimed naturalista, I am sure that you have watched the natural hair gurus and you are jotting down notes. Summer and spring are definitely coming up and you’re going to need to use some protective styles if you don’t want any shrinkage or those dreadful days when your curls have no definition because of humidity. My 4C girls can empathize. Here are a few ideas


1.      Box Braids

 Box braids are time consuming when installing but who can resist this long lasting style. This style can be manipulated in so many ways. It’s versatile and low maintenance. Slick those edges down and moisturize your scalp. Then you will definitely have a recipe for a durable hairstyle.




2.      Wigs

   If you’re anything like me, you are hesitant about this wig life. When people get wrapped up in the wig jargon, I get so confused. Silk vs. lace, Brazilian vs. Malaysian, frontal vs. middle part closures. It all sounded like babble to me until I realized that this is really a great investment. It’s intimidating but extremely worth it. Learn the lingo and find something that works for you. Soon you will be waking up with a beat face, an amazing hairstyle, and no worries in the world.


3.      Crochet Braids

   Maybe you’re not exactly great at sewing weave or braiding. Not a problem! Crochet braids are very easy to install and the most versatile hairstyle I’ve ever seen. Imagine you can have a long luscious curls or a beautiful perfectly shaped fro without having to worry about tracks that match your curl pattern. This hairstyle can easily make you look like the hair is literally growing from your head. This is definitely a favorite because it is extremely easy to remove and install. We all know the struggle that comes along with removing our protective styles.


4.      Faux Locks

   Locks without the commitment. Isn’t that convenient? This style takes forever to install but talk about protection. Your hair is protected from the elements. Once this is done you will never want to take this out. This is partially because they take so long and also because they look way better with age.




Article by Shanice Greaves

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