Out with the Old, in with the New Hairstyles to Rock in the Winter

It’s getting cold ladies, which means it’s time to break out the protective styles. Keep those ends moisturized and tucked away. Here are a few hairstyles that not many people know about but are beginning to stir up some attention. Now we all know the classic protective styles that we see throughout the year. Box braids, Havana twist, Weaves and etc., but the time has come to shake things up. Whether you been natural for three years, transitioning, or recently did the big chop all these hairstyles are simple and stylish.


 The key to protective styles and hair growth is moisture, keeping your ends protected and just letting your hair be. For all my natural hair queens out there, we look for styles that are quick, cute and easy. Natural hair is high maintenance especially if your style options are limited. With more people beginning their natural hair journeys, we must stand out and serve looks rocking our natural curls, sis. Here are some tips for keeping your hair healthy while in protective styles:

  • Deep condition before your protective styles
  • ALWAYS wear a scarf, satin pillowcase or a bonnet to bed
  • Keep scalp moisturized
  • Figure out what products/methods work for your hair
  • Tuck those ends away and moisturized
  •  Co-wash your hair; shampoo stripes your hair of its natural oils
  • If you are in the process of transitioning, use perm rods or flexi rods to spring life into those ends
  •  Get trims as needed
  • Avoid heat, color, relaxers, and perms
  • Use all natural products, read labels!

To add a bit of flare and individuality to any hairstyle add hair clips, charms, hair wire wraps and etc. Keep those baby hairs laid and those braids wrapped in a satin scarf. This isn’t even half of the possible protective styles to rock during the winter months. With the New Year, finally, here we want long hair, glowing skin, healthy eating and blessings. We left the basic styles in 2017, let’s take some risks and add something new to the natural hair game. Or, if you’re trying to save some coins, get on Youtube to find to find a tutorial that you can try yourself. Nothing is off limits … now go forth and prosper!


Article by Kalyn Kearney