Whose Got Next: Designers You Need To Know


When you think of Philadelphia, you think of many things such as food, art and maybe even our amazing music scene. One thing that may not cross your mind is our fashion scene. Of course, we may not be the mecca of fashion such as New York or Paris but we are definitely reaching a new height in the fashion world.

There are many amazing designers in Philadelphia that are just waiting to explode onto the fashion scene. With great industry events and even our own Philadelphia Fashion Week, we are sure to introduce the next big thing in fashion. Many people take inspiration from our city’s culture now it’s time to show the world what we got!

Even though it’s many amazing fashion designers in the city, there are two you absolutely need to know about.

Designer duo, Jeantrix and evening wear designer, Ayasa Afi. Both designs aesthetic are completely different but both are well on their way to world domination in the fashion world!

First up is Jeantrix, a fashion & art brand originating out of the Philadelphia area. Designers Nyce and Homm make up this awesome Pop Art inspired clothing brand. Their objective is to inspire the masses by creating and combining fashion, art, and film to give you a fun experience of textures, colors, and images. Not only do they collaborate with Doc Marten for awesome in-store events, but they have also worked with many celebrities such as Keke Palmer, Alicia Keys, Patricia Fields (stylist for Sex in the City) and even Beyonce’ for Blue Ivy. If you want to stand out from the crowd, they are definitely the designers for you. They specialize in custom wear such as their denim collection and even their awesome leather jackets! You definitely have to get you a piece for the summer!

From streetwear to evening wear, are next designer is known for designing beautiful gowns perfect for any occasion to weddings or even prom. Known for her flirty but chic garments, Ayasa Afi has definitely made a name for herself in the fashion world with showcasing at NYFW and Philadelphia Fashion Week multiple times.  Ayasa Afi is the perfect designer to go to for that red carpet ready look. Her pieces are timeless and perfect for any fashion it girl.

Philadelphia may not be on the map for the fashion industry now but with designers such as Jeantrix and Ayasa Afi, we are sure on are way to being the top city in the fashion industry.

 Article by Keyonna Butler



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