KAMSI Features TDM Clothing

It’s been 5 months into 2017 and I have already made such amazing connections. As we all know Philadelphia is a creative hub that everyone is finally taking notice to. Full of designers, stylist, and artists, its so many great young creatives you must know about and who I am adding to the list of future collaborators. One person that I have my eye on is an up and coming designer who has a clothing brand for the girlboss in you.  Her name is Tatiana Myers and her clothing brand is TDM Clothing.

Like most things in this tech-based generation, I discovered her on social media. From the moment I saw her clothing I knew I wanted to meet up with her.  Her clothing line speaks large and in-charge and it's definitely for the power woman who can take charge in a room full of people. That's why I wanted to speak with her. I wanted to get to know the woman behind the brand. Even though this interview was conducted over email, I can surely say she speaks the same way her brand does. Now, it's time for you to get to know her!

Read the interview below and learn about Tatiana Myers from TDM Clothing.

Keyonna Butler (KB): What made you want to start your brand, TDM Clothing? Do you have a background in fashion?

Tatiana Myers (TDM): It all began when I was about 10 or 11 years old, I saw a title “fashion designer” at the moment I knew that this is what I want to do as a career. With little to none illustrations classes I discovered a talent that I didn’t know I had, sketching! I started sketching, making all types clothing dresses, skirts, jackets and more, I never knew I could sketch until I pick up a pencil, and sketch the vision in my head. Then I started taking beginner sewing classes but also I’m self taught. I graduated in 2015 with Associate’s degree in Fashion Design.

KB: I seen that you have your clothing in boutiques such as Fason De Liv, how did that come about? Do you envision having TDM Clothing in other boutiques in the city?

TDM: My partnership with Fason De Viv is something I wouldn’t know that would happen so fast. TDM in stores!!! I was so excited and it’s a pleasure being with Fason De Viv. The owner Hanifah and I actually started following each other on social media then everything happen from there. I actually had my first sip n shop at Fason De Viv and it was a success! I thank Hanifah for this amazing opportunity. Look out for A/W 16 TDM Pieces in Fason De Viv very soon. Yes, I would love to have my clothing in other boutiques.

KB: How would you describe the TDM Clothing aesthetic? How would you describe the TDM girl?

TDM: My aesthetic for TDM is modern, elegance, and chic. The TDM girl is fashion-forward, sophisticated, and confident with a hustle mentality!

KB: What inspires your design progress when creating looks for TDM Clothing?

TDM: Literally I can get inspired by anything, my design process depends if I’m doing a custom order or a collection. With a custom order I sketch multiple designs for my clients they’ll pick which one that they like the best. I’ll pick out the fabric and then the designing process starts. For a collection I start with inspiration, a theme, a color palette, sketches, a vision, and fabrications. But it’s more I make my own patterns for my garments, designing, cut and sew (production), than the finished garment.

KB: Are there any trends in the fashion industry that you incorporate into your own brand?

TDM: Not many, I don’t like to follow many trends, but I can say I like the “choker” trend. In my new collection the “Birkin” jumpsuit and “Cher” dress has the choker trend either incorporated into the design or styled with a certain look.

KB: What advice would you give to anyone starting a clothing brand? What tips would you give them to have a successful brand such as yourself at such a young age?

TDM: My advice would be to anyone that’s starting a clothing brand to be very passionate about your craft, don’t do it because everyone else wants a clothing line because that seems to be a trend. However, follow your own path and progress. Invest in yourself, keep going, be true to yourself and brand. Never give up on your talents. Even though it may be tons of competition and the struggle is real *laughs* butstruggles will turn into success as you keep working hard towards hustle to the fullest.

To check out TDM Clothing line, visit tdmclothing.com

Article by Keyonna Butler