Destination: San Ysidro, San Diego, California.

If you’re looking to experience Mexico whilst staying in San Diego, San Ysidro is the place to visit. A 20 minute drive from downtown and a mere feet away from Mexico itself can land you right in the heart of one of the things that make San Diego so great. The authenticity of the food and Mexican culture of this town are sure to reign you in. What I love most about San Ysidro is the proximity to Mexico, not just distance but how Mexicans have adopted this land and made it a Little Mexico, you literally feel like you’re in Mexico. You can drive down and feel the life in this town, people of color are thriving here with their own businesses supported by their own people. I love the atmosphere of San Ysidro, it’s filled with determination, community, culture and damn good tacos. I highly recommend experiencing San Ysidro if you’re visiting San Diego any time soon. Try Taqueria Revolucion for some really good tacos!

Article by Olivia Steadman-Oladipo