Work It Out


Have you ever been in such a bad mood you don’t want to be in contact with anyone other than the actors you’re watching on Netflix? Everyone has those days of bad moods and it’s completely normal. If you ever wonder what can help you with those bad moods, then be sure to check out some tips to getting rid of those horrible Monday blues. It’s time to work, work, work it out!

There are many ways to wash away your bad moods such as taking a walk, reading a positive quote or even listening to music. My favorite way to relieving some stress is a good old workout. Not only does it release all of the unnecessary stress that is build up but it’s also a good way to stay healthy and in shape.  There are many ways to get rid of that stress through exercise but I’ll give you my favorite three. 



With just those three ways of relieving bad stress from your life, you can start living your life like its golden! 

Article by Keyonna Butler