#BLACKSATURDAY: Black Businesses You Should Buy from For the Holidays

2016 has been an eye-opener for African-Americans. After the untimely deaths of unarmed blacks and the latest election, African-Americans have been struggling to find common ground with White America. Despite the many strides that have been taken with non-violent protests and Black Lives Matters, African-Americans are still struggling to get their voices heard. There have been many challenges floating around social media encouraging blacks to support black-owned businesses. Here at KAMSI, we could have not thought of a better time to inform you of the ways that you can bring the black dollar back to the community. So before you empty out that online cart, check out this list of black-owned businesses that could use your support.

For Her:

1. The Bloom Beautifully Box: Bloom Beautifully was designed by Tara Pringle Jefferson, with the idea to remind women of their importance through care packages. ‘I created this box because I know just how difficult it can be to focus on yourself during the years where your time and attention is often required by someone,’ Jefferson spells out on her website. Each box is picked out specially, entailing a surprise gift. You can check out the website and view the gifts from prior months. The services are subscription based, so hurry and get yours before December approaches.

2. Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds: Nothing shines brighter than brand new Jewelry. Make the woman in your life shine just as bright as the Jewelry from Moijey. The company prides itself on offering excellent customer service and high quality jewelry at affordable prices. The business specializes in Wedding rings, diamonds, and jewelry for women and men. Their store is located in Silver Spring, MD if you’re ever in the area.

3. Heaven’s Honey: is another subscription-based company that delivers homemade body care products. Heaven’s Honey products are all-natural, cruelty-free, and chemical free products. Every month the company’s artisan picks out 8 hand-crafted products to be shipped to its subscribers.

For Him:

1. Kimchi Socks: Nothing compliments a well-put together outfit like a pair of great socks. The owner, Jason V. Holmes, mission is to sell stylish socks with a valuable meaning behind them.

2. It’s Da Balm: Is one of the few all natural companies for men. It’s Da Balm, sells Beard butter and oil to help men keep their beards soft.

3. Michael Grey Footwear: A unique brand carefully crafted to bring luxury items at affordable prices. The owner uses hand-selected leathers, liners, and materials from all around the world to create luxury men shoes and bags. Michael Grey prides himself on creating unique products that will set each customer apart.


1. My Muse Dolls: As millennials, we understand the importance of the image of the black woman in the lives of younger girls. The lovely ladies at My Muse Dolls does just that. The company is known for its customizable 18-inch multicultural dolls that can be designed to fit your princesses’ likings. My Muse Dolls stand for inspiring pride, igniting choice, and instituting change.

2. Black Action Heroes: Similar to My Muse Dolls, features authentic African-American heroes to educate young men and women about our history.

3. Natural Girls United Dolls: This company is dedicated to the young girls who are a little too old to play with doll babies. The company provides ethnic dolls with natural hair styles and accessories that reflect black women of today. It teaches young girls to admire and love their hair. 


Article by Unique Ratcliff

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