#BuzzCutAngels: Victoria Secret’s Models Flaunt their Natural Hair

One of the arguably best fashion events to air on television is returning for another fierce show. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is known for its most over-the-top fashion and aesthesis. Each year the show takes on a new theme and location. To some of us, it’s just another show that puts thin white-models on a platform to define the standards of beauty. Each year you can count on your fingers how many models of color are present. Those who do participate hardly ever make the headlines. Last year, however, super Model Maria Borges made headlines when she broke the beauty standard by walking in the show with her natural hair. This year, the buzz has been about model’s Kendall Jenner and GiGi Hadid who are allegedly ‘leading the way’ in this year’s show. The real gag is that this year’s real buzz is the dynamic trio of natural haired beauty’s that ironically named themselves the ‘Buzz Cut Angels’.  

The three models (left to right: Jourdana Phillips, Maria Borges, Herieth Paul) have more than just rich melanin and incredible legs in common. They all decided to debut their unapologetically natural hair during one of TV’s biggest night’s in fashion. There efforts were preluded by Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana who was the first model of color to walk with a shaved head back in 2006. Ten years later, the Buzz Cut Angels are taking the same stand.

One of the Angels, Jourdana Phillips, just recently decided to go for her au-natural look a month before the show. In her interview with Teen Vogue she said, “I think sometimes we get really attached to our hair, and it can even mask a lot of insecurities. Once I took it off, I realized I’m beautiful no matter what.”

Hair has been a pressing issue amongst the Black and Brown community as well as the Fashion Industry for years. Black women have been conditioned to exchange their natural hair for straighter, longer hair to look more desirable. The fashion industry has been masters of distorting the beauty of Black women. However, things might be taking a new face with the recent trend of natural hair that has been spreading like wild fire.

Sarah Potempa, a celebrity stylist, who will be working with this year’s models shared with People Magazine the new hair inspiration this year. “The hair will be taking a more natural turn: the waves have gotten looser, sexier, and a little more lived-in,” she said. The standards may have relaxed a little, but we know how much flack the black woman gets for wearing her natural hair, especially during an event that is tailored to promote the European concept of beauty.

Ajuma Nasenyana mentioned the liberation that she felt when she walked down the runway sporting her natural hair. She was even more liberated when Victoria Secret gave her the okay to, “Victoria Secret always used girls with their long hair always on point, but I was super lucky to walk for them with my natural hair. It made a statement that you don’t need wigs and a lot of makeup to be sexy, you have to be sexy being comfortable with who you are. It’s an inside job,” she told People Magazine.

The effort could not have come at a better time. After a year filled with appropriation of blacks by white high-end designers and celebrities. It’s refreshing to see black women sport a style that cannot be duplicated. This move can hopefully be a beautiful start to breaking the beauty standards for women of color.



The show is set to debut on Dec.5th, and we can’t to see how the #BuzzCutAngels kill the runway with their natural tresses.


Article by Unique Ratcliff





Group photo: https://peopledotcom.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/herieth-paul.jpg?w=1500&h=1853

Maria Borges: via instagram @iammariaborges

Jourdan Elizabeth: via instagram @jourdanelizabeth

Herieth Paul: via instagram @heriethpaul

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