KAMSI Fashion Feature, Jaleesa Johnson, Named as Our Influential Blogger

Jaleesa Johnson is definitely one to be on a look out for. She is a Bajan New Yorker fashion blogger who adds a visionary style to the ordinary fashion world. Her brand, No Country for Old Trends, started as an outlet to express herself, which then turned in to a lifestyle. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jaleesa to discuss how she started and what kept her going. 

KAMSI Magazine: What made you get into blogging? When did you start?

Jaleesa: I started April of this year (2016). The first time I started, I was scared. I was concerned if people will receive it well. But, I got into it because I felt depressed. I wasn’t sure where life was going (academically and career wise), and I needed an outlet. I wanted to create a home through fashion. Fashion showed people who I was and that I’m here. My blog was also like self-care to me. I have moments where I want to quite, but instead I keep working on it.

KM: What are some of the challenges you face?

J: When I started, I wanted to be a voice. But, at times I would see the trend of the “Instagram Baddie” and compare my work to them. I don’t let comparison’s steal my joy, but I can’t help it. Also, in the blogger industry, there’s a racial divide. There are the white bloggers, and the black bloggers. Black bloggers would have to work harder to get noticed. Sometimes I would think “Why bother”?


KM: Describe your brand.

J: My title, No Country for Old Trends, describes my brand. It’s making a platform that you wouldn’t see; the ideal and ordinary. With my brand, you see something unique. It’s colorful and different.

KM: What is your ultimate goal?

J: My ultimate goal is to inspire people to be out of the ordinary. Inspire people to be unique. Also, I want to start my own business. After graduating, I went to Australia. I wanted to start a new life and be a student of life. I had to battle with myself when finding myself. I was nervous about starting over again. In the process of finding myself, I learned that if you feel like you’re not following your dream, go for it! Combine your 9-5 job with what you love.

KM: What’s one important thing that you think people should know about you?

J: I want people to know that I’m vulnerable because I put myself out there. I do care about my blog/passion and my whole process is to be vulnerable. I do get concerned about people to accepting me, but being vulnerable opens so many opportunities. Being vulnerable is so important and it proves that I am a risk taker.   

If you guys love Jaleesa as much as we do, check ou her blog here.

Article by Chinazo Enigwe

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