African Inspired Fashion Designs: It’s Recent Popularity in America

The African culture has always contributed greatly to the American culture. From agriculture down to the music, the African linkages have progressively carried over – and continue to emerge. The recent popularity with African tribal prints and vivid graphics - all from African textile, an integral part of the African culture, which includes colorful and creative patterns, are being widely embraced in fashion more and more. African textiles are a major form of expression that Africans use to define themselves (according to Contemporary African Art). These African inspired fashion designs continue to drive a wave of influence by becoming must-have wardrobe for many. For some African Americans, it’s a great way to connect with the culture and its heritage – and traditionally, African Americans aren’t the only group of people that desire to wear the designs.

Wearing these African fashions show a sense of assertiveness because of its bold patterns.  Since patterns are stylish and mixing them are a current obsession, the popularity for African designs are that much strongly enticing. It’s a fashion statement appeasing to the eye because of the flattering designs created by the African Fashion Designers.  

Here are some fashionable African inspired fashion designs from Fashion Designer, Lisa Folawiyo of the Jewel by Lisa Group that I came across while exploring African fashion designs. After seeing her collection, you might want to include more African inspired fashion designs in your wardrobe closet today. I know I will!

P.S. Check out other African fashion design inspirations on Pinterest:

Source: Collection: Jewel by Lisa Group , and Lisa Folawiyo




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