KAMSI Features Jeantrix

We all have our favorite dynamic designer duos in fashion. From Dolce & Gabbana to Rodart, these designers prove that teamwork makes the dream work and gave us some of our favorite style trends over the years. Now, there is another designer duo straight out of Philadelphia that will be added to the list of iconic fashion partnerships.

Jeantrix, which is a fashion brand made up of artists and designers Nyce and Homm, can be described as a fashion forward brand inspired by pop culture, fashion, film and art. Their clothing is definitely for the bold fashionistas of the world. Using graffiti inspired artwork, paint splatter and even illustrations of animals, art figures and pop culture figures, Jeantrix uses the fabric of each garment as their canvas to showcase their amazing art skills. Many people have took notice of their talent including Keke Palmer, Patricia Fields, Alicia Keys, Dawn Richard and Beyonce' (who dressed her daughter Blue Ivy in a custom Jeantrix jacket). With a resume like that, it be no time until we see Jeantrix taking over Hollywood and the fashion industry.

Be sure to read my interview with Jeantrix below to learn about their start and how you can enter the fashion industry!



Keyonna Butler (KB): When did Jeantrix start and what inspired you to start this brand?

Jeantrix: The start of Jeantrix was around 2003 - 2004. We didn’t find anything that was out in fashion appealing to us so we started painting on our own clothing such as sneakers, boots and other clothes. Then, we started to do the same for our family and friends which came natural for us. From then, we started getting support from strangers and it kinda build from there. It started with 3 members (including Dah’mod Collins of RM67) and we had our first fashion show. It was such a successful show we actually got discovered by Kevin and Kerry, founders of Philly Fashion Week.

KB: How does your brand Jeantrix reflect your personal beliefs & values?

Jeantrix: Our brand reflects on life and being rebellious. Even though we have a rebellious edge we are very calm about it. It’s really about rebelling against society standards and being out of the box. We want people to know you can be anything other than being a lawyer or a doctor to be successful. The overall message is to follow your dreams.

KB: What has been your favorite part of being an artist/designer

Jeantrix: Over all to see your clothes on everyday people. To get positive feedback from people and keeping our customers happy. Even to know that we have customers all over, for instance when we got an order from Mexico. Little things like that make us happy to do what we do.

KB: Do you have a background in fashion or art before becoming a design duo for Jeantrix?

Nyce: I always had a love for drawing and art. I used to draw old comics when I was younger. I never thought I could make a career out of it though, so I studied engineering at Drexel University. It was my passion and I hate math but I love the design aspect of it all.

Homm: I knew I wanted to do something creative but I always had love for fashion. I attended the Art Institute and studied fashion design and marketing. Once Jeantrix started to take off, I left school and put all of my focus on the brand. My teacher gave us a speech about a successful 16 year old fashion designer and ask the class “why aren’t you doing it?” That really stuck with me and made me realize that I could do it on my own which gave me the motivation to leave school. Even though school help with learning the business and history of fashion, I didn’t really need it for formal training of the creative side. That comes from experience and doing it yourself. All you need is the experience.

KB: What has been the biggest sacrifice to start your clothing brand if there is any?

Jeantrix: Money for sure. We were definitely broke the first couple of years especially since it was a full time job to us. Also, time and relationships since we couldn’t go out or hang out with friends as much as we wanted to. As an entrepreneur, you are doing everything and some people don’t get it. People don’t get you have to put just as much time into your brand as you would a regular full time job. So, that sometimes mean not being able to have social life or go out as much.

KB: Where do you see Jeantrix in the next 5 years?

Jeantrix: We definitely want to change our location to LA. We also would love to see our work on the big screen in films and brand ourselves into other things other than fashion. We also want to do more upscale items such as furniture and household items. Of course, we want to do more stores and exclusive boutiques. Our goal is to make more statement pieces and wearable art. Also, more collaborations to reach out to other audiences.

KB:  What advice would you give an emerging artists or designer starting fresh in this industry?

Jeantrix: Just start. You have to start somewhere, just start putting out your work and let it naturally build. Start with getting exposure and work your way up. Put in a lot of work to your craft and know your worth. Work up to having great value in your work and in your brand. Also, never underestimate the power of word. Write down your goals and work toward them. Don’t worry about what other may think, just see the person that you want to be. See what others can’t and let your work show for itself. 

To check out Jeantrix line visit jeantrix.com


Article by Keyonna Butler