We delve in the topic of Twitter misogyny and the false use of #SayHisName
We discuss expectations in dating and how soon is too soon for certain dating behaviors. Filmed at the Gryphon Cafe Hosts: Alexis Mercado @lexxyylocaaaa Keturah Benson @Africanchinagirl Maya Aguilar @mayaeleni Amaris Mitchell @youngadina

This episode we discuss the controversy behind Kevin Hart's affair and whether he was raped or not. We also cover the rape culture prevalent on social media.
Do you set boundaries with your fam, friends or coworkers? Or are you an open book? This episode we discuss whether its necessary to create boundaries.
What are your true thoughts on body image? Whose to blame for obesity? When is the appropriate circumstance or age for plastic surgery? Hear our thoughts Executive Producer: Chinazo Enigwe Producer: Kadidja Nanakasse Filmed: David Ford Productions Filmed at Gryphon Cafe