Seven Signs it's Time to Let Him Go

Sometimes you know it's time to walk away but you're holding on and you just need affirmation. Baby girl, here's your affirmation. It's time to go.

1. His communication is basura.

Do you only receive texts when he wants something? Or does he go weeks without texting you and then pops up like you didn't already sing it out and delete the thread? Do you find yourself wondering if he's lost interest? Although calling is a bit outdated (unfortunately), does he call you? If he does, what's the conversation like? Essentially, how does he make you feel when you're not together? Like you don't exist, or like you're a priority? Be honest with yourself.

2. You fight constantly.

Are you constantly arguing about something? Something he did that hurt you, for example? Does he defend his actions and make you seem like you're the problem for feeling? Sounds toxic and you don't need it. Trading your sanity for lackluster attention is for the birds. If you can't go a day without fighting, walk away from that.  

3. You're being taken for granted.

Is he using you? For sex, food, rides, promotions, emotional support, money, whatever it is. Is he using you for it? Do you feel taken advantage of? Do you get as much as you give? Are you appreciated when you give or does it go unnoticed? Do you have to ask for reciprocation? Babe, you shouldn't have to. Do yourself a favor since he won't and be done with him.

4. He disrespects you.

How does he treat you when he's upset with you? Does he blow up and say things he has to apologize for? Does he get upset when you can't do something for him? Does he disregard your feelings when you share them? Does he insult you and blame you for getting offended? Is he extra petty, and I say extra because we can all get petty, but is his aim to get back at you? That's childish. Girl, exit stage left.

5. What are you?

Not all relationships are meant to be relationships, granted. But are you in a situationship that leaves you wanting more? Are you giving him relationship benefits with no relationship? If you got free food at a bomb restaurant, would you willingly start paying? If you could walk into the dealership and take a car for free, would you whip out your checkbook? If he's got everything and is content with where you two are because you're treating him to every bit of you, he's not going to sign the dotted line until he's grown up and you've grown tired. Deuces.

6. He hurts your feelings.

Because you're human and you have them. Does he hurts your feelings with his words, intentionally? How about his actions? Does he see nothing wrong with this? Do you feel like you can't address it or like you have and nothing has changed? All a problem that needs to be fixed. Know how to fix it? Leave. Don't guilt yourself into sticking around by calling yourself sensitive. Sensitive or not, you need someone who's going to be gentle with your feels. Girl, run. 

7. He doesn't do anything for you.

Does he keep score? Tit for tat, you do something for him then he'll think about doing something for you? Does he repeatedly bring up what he's done for you, you know.. that one thing he did for you? Does he get upset when he has to do something for you? Does he want to do things for you? Not everyone's a natural giver but if they care for you, they'll want to make you happy by doing things here and there to show they appreciate you. Does he give you that vibe? No? Girl, dip. Dip it low, dip it high, just dip.


Article by Olivia Steadman-Oladipo

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