Why Are You Single?

Why is a woman like you single? I hate this question! Normally the person asking, is someone who, after a few conversations, think they know me. Then I tell them why and they think I’m joking. But do women ask themselves this ? To the woman who is open to dating and ready for a committed relationship, have you taken time to reflect and answer, why are you single?

It isn’t an easy thing to answer, I spent a lot of time with myself, learning about me and what I want. I had to answer a few other questions and when I did that it was easy to explain why I am single.

Answer this first:

What do you look for in a man?

The list! I literally made a list, it wasn’t superficial either. I focused on the core values I need this man to have. By the end of my list I realized who I am truly attracted to and I didn't waste time dating anyone who didn’t fit. The list will help you realize what you will and will not compromise on, you have to like the person you are going to spend so much of your time with.

Are you what you're asking for?

Basically would you like you? Some of us need to be honest with ourselves. Are you single because you're simply not a good person to be around? You can meet your dream guy but if you're not his dream girl, you're not ready!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to share your life with someone and consider them and their feelings everyday? When dating it is ok to be a little selfish with respect. But for the most part there’s an end goal for relationships which is forever and if that is not what you want, that’s not only selfish but rude because you're wasting the other person’s time and resources.

Are you Happy?

I doesn't matter what you do, if you are unhappy, if you do not love yourself, have no confidence and are insecure, no man on this Earth will be able to give you that.

Once you begin to answer questions like these, I believe you will realize it’s less about what a boyfriend, husband or relationship can do for you and more about what you can do for yourself. You will naturally expect more for yourself. Being single is not a bad thing to be. Fall in love with yourself, date yourself and be happy by yourself, then it really won’t matter why you're single, no man will be able to convince you that you are not worth everything you want.

So… Why are you single?


Article by Kristie Fraser