Mr. Intentional

We’ve all met Mr. Intentional. The man who talks a lot of that talk but is a double amputee when it comes to walking that walk. He’s smooth, too. He’ll have you believing he’ll follow through this time when he let you down last time, and the last time.

    Mr. Intentional is a little more than just your average fuckboy, he has potential and that keeps you filled with hope. Hope is cool, but it makes you naïve and blind. Don’t fall for his potential because potential won’t catch you. It’s hard to look past what he can be for what he is, but if he’s bringing you more stress than happiness- let him go. Don’t hold on to what could be.

   Mr. Intentional may or may not realize what he’s doing but either way, it's not something you have to put up with. If you have a man full of intentions but no action, he may not be ready for what you have to offer him. It’s always tragic to see a man with so much potential to be a great partner wasting it because he’s still in that phase; but if you aren’t the woman who HE believes is worth taking that step to manhood for, stop wasting your time.

    You can’t change a man unless he’s wearing a diaper, he has to want to make changes in his own life. I truly believe that a man will stop at nothing for the woman he wants. Men have that ingrained in them, it’s basic survival. Women tend to forget this when putting up with a so-so man like Mr. Intentional. We think that one day they’ll wake up and value us because they showed effort at one point in our situationship, but that was the chase. It was easy because it was fun, but as you progress he realizes that it’s work so he bails because he just isn’t ready for that.

    His actions towards you should in no way, ever, reflect how you see yourself. Don’t worry if there was another woman, don’t worry about if it was something you did, don’t question yourself, don’t worry at all. The man for you will go through hell and high water to have and treasure you. Because again, if he wants you, you'll know. A man won't stop until he has you if he truly wants you.

   Mr. Intentional is a tricky one but always remember that you come first and there's someone out there that's going to give you everything you want in a man. Don't settle for waiting on Mr. Intentional to realize you're the one and to turn into Action Jackson. Because actions not only speak louder than words, they speak louder than intentions. Leave that boy to grow and if he comes back, decide then where you want to take things if you haven't already found the man that's ready and willing to be the king to your queen.


Article by Olivia Steadman-Oladipo

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