Relationship Goals: Who's the Obama to Your Michelle?

There are so many "Relationship Goals" out there these days, I mean just log onto Twitter or Instagram and POW relationships galore! Matching sneakers, all denim get ups, feeding each other frozen yogurt on a Ferris wheel all while they "candidly" capture that perfect selfie. I even find myself wanting my man feeding me frozen yogurt, but no let's be real, will frozen yogurt help you grow as an individual and as a couple? What's more enticing is a partner that believes in you and pushes you to unlock your greatest potential. A partner that believes in tough love all while being your number one fan. On a more personal note, here are a few things my significant other and I do that I would say is preparing us both for greatness. He recognizes when I'm doing my bare minimum and encourages me to "do better." I give him worse case scenarios when he doesn't study for his certification exam consistently, which leads to a break of dawn intense study session. We both encourage each other and fight for each other even when the criticism is unsolicited, because we know it’s for the best. Partners that prepare each other for greatness make their partners’ problem their own problem. They dream together and work to make those dreams a reality, they plan for the future TOGETHER, and make strides to make each other happy. There are countless amounts of things partners can do to prepare each other for greatness, but if I can sum it up, it'd be "Love each other unconditionally and don't allow the other to be basic." 

Article by Kadidja Nanakasse

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