Is marriage still an aspiration for the young millennials?

            Marriage means different things to different people in this day and age. Some believe marriage is simply a piece of paper or a contractual agreement. Others believe marriage is a sacred union between two people who love each other. I side with the latter. It has been researched that the marriage rate has decreased while divorce is on the rise. The question is, what does this mean for marriage? Are people less interested in an “institution” that seems flawed by what we see in the media or possibly with people in our everyday lives. Although divorce rates have increased, there is a special essence or spirit of marriage that many people still cling to. In the most recent episode of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars, Althea from Love and Hip-Hop said one of the main aspects she is unhappy about in her relationship is that she is unmarried. She did not want to be in a relationship where the end goal was not marriage. This was important to her and something she prided herself in achieving one day. Marriage might not be the aspiration of many millennials but I believe it still is a goal for many, especially women, one can say.

            It can be said that marriage is not taken seriously to many. Young millennials are bombarded with news of this or that celebrity getting a divorce after a year of even a few months! I understand life happens and I truly believe we do not get married to get divorced in a short period of time. Over the years, I have heard my peers say they are not interested in marriage because it is simply a piece of paper. I had a professor who had a partner but the two were not married. For some, they are content with being with a person for the rest of their lives without the documentation to prove it. Marriage, for them, is in their hearts and relationship. Millennials are growing up with this point of view. Their parents may have never married. The two might live together or live separate lives. In another case, a millennial can grow up in a household filled with verbal blows from mom and that. The children grow up and say to themselves, “I don’t want that to be me in the future. My parents are married and are not happy. What good is that? What good is marriage?” In the words of a YouTube, there are plenty of people, who are married and miserable, unmarried and happy, and vise versa.

            Then there’s the rest of the population that sees marriage as something positive. Marriage is pledging to be there for another person in sickness or in health. It is the seal and promise that the other person is not going anywhere. Your spouse will stick with you forever---until death do you part. It is a partnership; the guarantee that there will be someone to do life with. A lot of female millennials still have the dream of their soul mate, a white picket fence, and children. It has been studied that women are driven by their hearts while men are driven by their bodies. We purpose to make heart to heart connections with our partner. As a result, the aspirations of marriage are still alive for this population. On the contrary, it might not be the same for males. I propose that some males are still interested in the prospects of marriage but not the vast majority. We have on television shows that glorify mistresses and the life of a bachelor. We are bombarded with the message of“why settle down? Live your life to the fullest and maybe when you are older you pick a woman to grow old with.

            Marriage is definitely still sought after. However, people are either not into the concept or prefer until later in their lives. The focus is to live life now and settle down later. I hope this article was at least a little helpful to you in dissecting the views of millennials.

Article by Yan