‘1960 or 2016? Why Is Solange Being told to Sit Down’

Being the face of Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2016 campaign did not exempt Solange Knowles from being treated less than a human being at a popular concert in New Orleans.

Solange Knowles, known to the world as Beyoncé’s little sister, and to other’s as a powerful voice and influence for the African-American community on social media, was recently humiliated by a group of Caucasian women at a Kratwerk concert in New Orleans.

What was supposed to be a hip-hop history lesson for Knowles’ son, turned into a reiteration of why African-Americans are still being treated less than in America.

Solange took to twitter to explain in detail of exactly what went down. She ultimately deleted her tweets, and headed to her blog Saint Heron, to give her disposition in a heart-felt letter.

Knowles had been greeted with nasty comments and aggression the minute she stepped foot into the atrium. The first comment was towards her son by an attendant who accused the 11-year old of smoking ‘e-cigarettes’ when in actuality, the smoke had come from a white male behind them.

The next comment was thrown at her less than five minutes later by a group of white women.

Knowles admits that she was about ten minutes late to the concert, but reported to her seat in an appropriate fashion in to which a favorite song of hers began to play at the concert. The song being ‘Hall of Fame’ by her brother-in-law rapper Jay Z.

In a celebratory fashion, Knowles began to dance around while the heavy bass pounded through the concert. It wasn’t moments later before hasty demands were thrown at the song-bird.

“About 20 seconds later, you hear women yell aggressively, ‘Sit down now, you need to sit down right now’ from the box behind you. You want to be considerate, however, they were not at all considerate with their tone, their choice of words, or the fact that you just walked in and seem to be enjoying yourself,” Knowles expressed in her blog.

Knowles admits that she was confused as to why she was the only person being told to sit at a concert where the performers are known for their heavy electronic and dance inspired music.

She reluctantly told herself that she would have a seat once the song went off. On the other hand, the women behind her could not wait that long.

Solange reports that she felt something heavy hit her, followed by another object that her son reported was a lime.

Knowles could barely keep her nerves in tack, so she headed to Twitter to share her experience of racism in 2016. The clap-back that Knowles received from a majority of white tweeters made matters even worst. One person even went as far as to say: “Try going to a rap concert if being around so many white people makes you feel so uncomfortable.

Solange is one of many African-American celebrities in the industry who have faced racism this year. Knowles goes into great detail in her letter on the multiple accounts of racism that she faces on the daily. From being told to step out of the first class line at the airport because it is assumed that she cannot afford it. To being aggressively asked for a passport during a trip to Milan and noticing that she is the only black person on board.

“It usually does not include ‘please.’ It does not include ‘will you.’ It does not include ‘would you mind,’ for you must not even be worth wasting their mouths forming these respectable words.”

           Article by Unique Ratcliff