Must Watch Black Films

There are many films about black culture and the black experience we should know about. Below is a list of some of my favorite black films that explain the different dynamics we face as a race.


Everyone knows black culture have influence much of the style we see on the catwalks today.Fresh Dressed is an awesome movie that gives us a first look of how hip-hop and urban fashion went from a fad that expressed black culture to one of the biggest fashion trends today.



The Wood is a classic comedy about three childhood friends recounting memories of their shared childhood in Inglewood, Calif., as they prepare for Roland's wedding to his fiancée. It’s a great movie that showcases friendship with great laughs.








Brotherly Love is a recent indie movie from 2015 that was filmed in Philadelphia about a family that tries to stick together during a street war. Not only does this film connect with a young generation but it has a great twist to the ending that would surprise anyone.


Be sure to check out all of these films above and get ready to an awesome movie marathon.


Article by Keyonna Butler

Chinazo Enigwe