#FilmTwitter May Lead to Change in the Industry

It all starts with an idea.  Leon Langford and other Twitter users have taken this on this mentality. They have pitched their movie ideas to #FilmTwitter. For years, there has been a lack of representation of the black community in films. When we do get one character in a film, they die in the first thirty minutes. However, the black community has used social media to voice their thoughts on the type of media they want to see. Film Twitter has the possibility of expanding black media and opportunity in the industry.

 The hashtag consists of different movie pitches made that have black casts and main characters. The comments underneath these posts include possible plot lines, characters, and even actors who could play the roles. Some users have even shared screenplays. There is a false impression that black films can`t be massively successful. Of course, this is not true. Black filmmakers are often told that their ideas won`t sell. This hashtag has created a way of showing that these ideas do have widespread interest.

Since the release and success of Jordan Peele`s “Get Out,” the film has defiantly paved the way for different genres of movies starring black actors. This movie showed that success can come from a movie with a black protagonist. The industry can be difficult to break into for aspiring black filmmakers, actors, and screenwriters. When it comes to household names, it seems to be the same few that we always hear about. That is why it is refreshing to see the hashtag providing support and exposure to black artists in this field. This was shown after a young video creator named Isaiah Howard received immense support. Howard creates videos with different songs on an app called Musically. He combines a series of different angles and film tricks to make his videos. He posted a video on Twitter to the song “Addicted to my Ex” byM-City Jr. Several twitter users tagged Jordan Peele in the post.  Peele responded. He said, “Good lookin’ out Mr. Cherry! Isaiah, let`s talk.”

It will be interesting to see what movies and other success stories will come from this hashtag. It is proof that black content in the media is changing and evolving. There are countless untold stories that lie within the black community that are waiting to be told. It`s important that the black community feels that they have representation in all areas of media. Now, there is an open forum to suggest ideas for new black content.

Article by Jada Lucas

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