Seven Inspiring Black Women Role Models in Pop Culture

 Seven Inspiring Black Female Role Models in Pop Culture

There are more black female role models for millennial women to look up than ever before. Females are killing it in the entertainment field and becoming role models proving that #BlackGirlMagic is still going strong. So read on and get inspired by seven amazing ladies that show it’s possible to live your dreams, stand up for truth and look good doing it.

1.    Zendaya

Photo credit sourcd from  HerCampus

Photo credit sourcd from HerCampus

Zendaya got her start on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up and is now a popular singer, dancer, and, actress. While extremely talented and charismatic, she is most known for taking stances against racial prejudices and educating people on diversity. There are numerous examples of Zendaya using her position of power as an opportunity for diversity. For instance, Zendaya stayed on Disney Channel to ensure there is more African American representation in television and film. In addition, Zendaya also educates her social media followers on black history, speaks out about the Black Lives Matter movement, photo-retouching, and rape culture to name a few. Not to mention she’s a CoverGirl, has her own Barbie doll, and will be appearing in the new highly anticipated Spider-Man film, Homecoming.

2.    Lupita Nyong'O

Photo sourced from  FarabaleWeekly

Photo sourced from FarabaleWeekly

A beautiful dark-skinned woman born in Mexico and raised in Kenya has won a spot on this list for not only representing darker black women in Hollywood but being a smart articulate award winning actress. She won best supporting actress in 12 years a slave and has voiced acted for Star Wars and The Jungle Book. Representation is so important and we’re so glad women like Lupita are out there shining for us all!

3.    Issa Rae

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Photo sourced from

Issa Rae has been killing the black girl magic game acting and producing her own shows from the widely popular Awkward Black Girl series on Youtube to Insecure on HBO, which we have talked about in another article here. She’s written a book “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ and has been nominated for a Golden Globe. She shows that all black women don’t necessarily fit the loud ratchet stereotype but are just normal, awkward humans like everybody else.

4.    Shonda Rhimes

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Hollywood is not only full of inspiring women in front of the screen but behind it too! We’re also talented writers, directors, and producers. With this in mind, there is no other person who currently exemplifies this better than Shonda Rhimes with How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal under her belt. Her characters are real and relatable for viewers. Rhimes is not afraid to voice her truth surrounding topics like being a woman behind the camera in the entertainment industry and actively voicing her decision to not get married.

5.    Claire Sulmers

Photo sourced from

Photo sourced from

Switching our focus to fashion, Claire Sulmers is the founder of FashionBombDaily, an online fashion destination with 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Claire, and her work, have been praised by Ebony, Teen Vogue, New York Magazine, Time, and Black Enterprise. Discovering a lack in print and digital magazines that focused on multicultural fashion, Sulmers took the initiative to create one herself. She may not be as well known as others, but she is a great role model for millennials because many of us are entrepreneurial and desire to work for ourselves and she shows that it is possible.

6.    Solange

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Solange has rightfully made a name for herself as an artist who is unique and presents her work with pride, boldness and, beauty. She has worked with many inspiring icons including Maya Angelou. She defines beauty on her own terms, and does not conform to societal beauty expectations. She opens the door for conversations on being black today and her song “Don’t Touch My Hair” is an anthem for black women everywhere. She inspires us all to love ourselves and define who we are by our own standards.

7. Rihanna

Photo sourced from  Muzul

Photo sourced from Muzul

Rihanna has been in the music business for over a decade and she only gets better with time. Her eighth studio album, Anti, was a hit. She puts beautiful emotion and artistry in her music videos and songs like “Love on the Brain”. Moreover, she is a huge style icon. Her fashion choices go there and we love her for it. From wearing red fur to body suits at Coachella, her style always has us in awe of her.


Article by Zoe Phinazee