The Wait Continues for Frank Oceans New Album

by Tyreck Fuller

Words cannot describe how disappointed Frank Ocean fans are right now. We just have one question, when will the wait be over Frank?

Frank Ocean singing. Photo credit to Ilya S. Savenok

Frank Ocean singing. Photo credit to Ilya S. Savenok

“Boys Don't Cry” was supposed to be released last summer, but the album was pushed back to an undisclosed date. However, there was talk that Frank Ocean’s album would release it in early August, it didn’t. Now there is talk of it being released on Nov. 13, which is also a rumor based on the library card found on the album’s website. To clarify, all recent album release dates have been rumors and speculation. Needless to say, fans all over the world were disappointed and angry because they’ve been waiting a very long time for this album.

There’s talk about the album from celebrities stating that the album is really good and fans will love it. But, the fans haven't even received a single from this album.

According to Independent, Pigeons and Planes, and  NME,  Apple representatives and Oceans representatives spoke out and said that the album will be released within the next 24-72 hours. Even this is given a side eye because online representatives are usually computers. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed. Let’s hope that this isn't another attempt at getting our hopes only for them to plummet to the ground.

Fans are even making websites and apps that will notify subscribers when the album drops. According to Billboard,  Shahzeb Khan, 20-year-old computer science and engineering student, has designed the site (650)820OCEAN. The site is supposed to update automatically on anything Frank Ocean related using Twitter, Spotify, and iTunes. When the album does drop it will send an email or text message with a link to where they can listen to the album. Now that’s dedication to the cause (you go Glenn Cocoa).

 “Channel Orange” was so good and it doesn't get old, I’ll listen to every song on the album with no issue and throw in the mixtapes as well. But, fresh material is needed. I need new Frank Ocean to listen to, I need to know why boys don't cry, I need an ACTUAL release date that doesn't crush my hope for Frank Ocean and this mystery album.

Something has got to give with this album. The fans are running out of patience for its release and you can’t blame them. It has been a very long time and still nothing. But when it is finally released, fans hope it will be worth the long wait and that the music will be phenomenal.


Article by Tyreck Fuller