‘Essence Takes South Africa’


Essence takes the fashion world by storm again after launching its first international festival. The magazine is known for its highly-anticipated summer tradition in New Orleans, where beauty gurus, fashionista, singers, and many more all come together to engage in weekend long festivities. They changed the game by throwing in another festival, this time on another part of the globe. Essence launched its first-ever Durban, South Africa festival. Sadly, if this is your first time hearing about it, you missed your chance to go. Luckily, with our trusty friend social media, we have an all-access guide to the festivities.

This is much more than your typical gathering of fashion-forward women. Essence has taken its branding to new heights with inviting moguls such as Steve Harvey, Reverend Al Sharpton, Estelle, Kelly Price, and many more house-hold names. This event in particular separates itself from the New Orleans extravaganza because of the message behind it. “We are creating a week-long experience that will inspire women globally and convene our communities across the diaspora,” writes President Michelle Ebanks. The Mayor Nxumalo said the city of Durban had been making strides in the past two years to bring commerce to the city. The city will take on a new face now with the Essence Festival in town. He admits that partnership with ESSENCE will continue to help the development of women and youth in business.

“This partnership will have a host of benefits for residents starting with the Durban Business Fair (DBF) program which strives to connect local businesses globally. The Fair is taking place simultaneously with the Essence Festival launch announcement,” he said.

Durban, South Africa is deemed ‘The coolest city in South Africa you’ve never seen’ by CNN, and its captivating beaches live up to the phrase. Durban is often overlooked by foreigners, but the natives use it as an ultimate getaway. The city is rich in KwaZulu-Natal culture which has been illustrated in some of the dances within the Essence Festival. The city is known for its delectable fruits and spicy food.

The festival dates ranged from Nov. 8-13. The festivities included street-dancing by natives, exercising on the beach, vendors, and motivational speaking by Steve Harvey and Tina Knowles-Lawson. The main goal for the festival is to empower the men and women of Durban to seek global opportunities.

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Article by Unique Ratcliff

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