Michelle Obama’s First Lady Style: Looking Back at its Impact

Taking a look back at our former FLOTUS (I can’t believe I’m saying that), Michelle Obama’s style during her time period in the White House is a must. As we are having a hard time getting used to the idea that the Obama’s will no longer be our First Family, the legacy that they leave behind will forever live in our hearts and of course, on the internet.

For starters, we will never forget how much Michelle’s style resonated with and impacted the everyday woman. Her relatable sense of style kept us in awe every time she made an appearance to speak on issues that she felt were important to her and America – or we can’t forget, the many times she stood beside her man, the prominent 44th President of the U.S. Barack Obama at a very important dinner and event in a luxurious and elegant designer gown. Her sense of style told us everything we needed to know about her. It told us that she was fashion forward, educated, sophisticated, smart, independent, enduring, youthful and bold (her fashion went completely against FLOTUS protocol and was so bold indeed). She did things her way while living out loud and that alone is inspiring within itself. Michelle is credited for generating billions for the fashion industry wearing designers by both established and young up and coming designers.  We are proud and will never forget how she made us all feel. Although there are plenty, here are some of my favorite and most memorable fashionable looks from Mrs. Michelle Obama. 

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