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Political and social issues have been the center of so many of our lives and social media accounts more than ever. With the injustices of basic human rights, the switch of command in government, and everything in between, it has been hard for many to keep quiet. I am happy the conversations are never ending, present in every medium, and as usual, loud in street fashion. Even President Trump mind blowingly convinced so many he can “Make America Great Again” with those trending Dad Hats.

While the lives of our people being honored through hashtags, last year African prints brightened up the streets and our news feeds. Well into the new year the outrage and need for self-love have been proven to be more than a fad and every movement is breathing through fashion.

Here are some inspiring pieces that stand out in fashion issues.

 Enamel Pins have been trending since last year and they're still just as fun and creative. has a small collection with big messages. This “I Love My Hair” emoji pin is still relevant and needed, even with a growing representation of curly beauties in the media, we still need a little reminder. I’m here for her being added to the emoji keyboard.

(photo   )

 Beautiful June Ambrose’s Oh Snap collection of sweatshirts are on trend and high end fashion designers are in on it too. The ‘Stay Woke’ sweatshirt for the conscious, my favorite, is sold out, Ambrose sported this style at the women’s march, showing up for our basic rights. There are other styles just as cute and encouraging, like the ‘Off Duty’ hoodie for the girl boss.

(oh snap link  )    (photo  June Ambrose's Instagram )

(oh snap link

(photo June Ambrose's Instagram)

Essence Murjani’s custom hand stamped necklaces are empowering and simply gorgeous.  Her packaging is just as beautiful, but the value is in the message. Melanin Queen, #SayHerName and Black Girl Magic, adorns the necks of women who are not sorry and refuse to blend in. Custom orders are available.  is something special and I can’t wait to see more.

 Essence Murjani is so on trend I had to include her patch from as well. So here’s the thing, our culture is loved more than we are, and when something we live is loved, it’s renamed and becomes a ‘new’ trend like cornrows, now boxer braids (insert side eye emoji). Like the necklaces the messages is clear but with the patches, pins and keychains, Murjani makes a more bold and colorful statement. The patches on the runway don’t look like us or express our conversation but she does it well.

Photo from  coloring pins

Photo from coloring pins

Join the conversation through fashion, let us know how you use your voice and what your favorite piece is?


Article by Kristie Fraser

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