The Write Fit: A Black History Collection

There aren’t many statement tee apparel lines that are consciously driven by representing us in a way that makes us proud to be who we are. Unafraid of rubbing feathers by letting the world know that if you don’t see us, if it isn’t clear to you, then we’ll let it be known. I’m certainly honored to speak on this woke young African American woman, Joshlyn Turner, Owner and Creative Director of the Statement Tee Collection and online shop The Write Fit. Joshlyn is straight outta San Diego, CA where she grew up in the Southeast area of the City and is a Hampton University graduate. She’s reminding us through her apparel line just who we are and staying true to that with her new Black History collection.

The collection is just the perfect answer to the way that we feel and wearing it makes those unaware, very aware. Like the unisex tee phrase, “Love Us Like You Love Our Culture”, will make anyone take notice of our current stance on how much we’re tired of not being recognized as the ultimate influencers of the nation and for the constant carelessness of black lives. Besides, it’s exactly the way we feel right?!? There’s definitely more where that came from as there are others like “Black Fathers Matter” available for the youth. As mentioned and frankly put on her online site, “Black Fathers Matter to not only the Black Family, but the Black Community as well.

Her bravery and conscious effort to make us feel like the magic we are is enough for us to want to support the brand, but also relish in each statement piece proudly. After all, no one will love us unless we love us.

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Written by Style/Fashion Blogger + Personal Wardrobe Stylist Pentené Milner



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