NYFW Street Style Trends to Incorporate in Your Closet

New York Fashion Week is the time to bust our your most zaniest and over-the-top fit. It is like Halloween for fashion junkies. You can be whomever you want for a week. Aside from the unthinkable fits, there is always a steady aesthetic to take away from it. This year we are seeing many urban-chic inspired looks. Compared to last year, many fashionista’s are going for a less put together look. There is less structure and more comfort when it comes to these street-style looks, which makes the look more affordable and easier to achieve. Take a look below:

Bright Colors and Prints

Nothing scream spring like bright and boisterous colors. Pastels are typically the go-to for spring, but this bright tangerine colored trench coat gives the look the right pop of color. Printed boots are definitely something to consider this spring as well.

Casual Co-Ordinate Suits

This Beatle’s inspired ensemble is effortless and simple. The grey turtleneck underneath it tones it down to make it suitable for an everyday look.

Statement Coat

You really do not have to do much when you have a coat as loud as this one above. Whether it is a trench coat or a leather jacket, statement coats are here to stay. What you wear underneath it is up to you, but the best way to kill this look is to throw on some dope accessories to bring it all together.

Leisure Wear

This look fits right into this year’s theme. Millennial’s are the only generation who can make casual wear look so fashionable. Do not be afraid to revamp your favorite hoodie or sweat suit.

Political Graphics

After the presidential election, we have seen a rise on politically geared T-shirts, jackets, and bags.


This look is very effortless, but still well put together. The pinstriped dress shirt underneath it gives it just the right professional touch.

These are just a few looks to get you ready for this spring. Happy shopping!

Article by Unique Ratcliff

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