Hidden Figures: The Intelligence, Fashion and Beauty

The film, Hidden Figures - a groundbreaking untold story about three brilliant African American women working at NASA in the 60’s – Katherine G. Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Played by Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Played by Janelle Monáe). It recently won for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture’ at this year’s SAG Awards. It’s one of the most inspiring films because of the stunning achievement of these three women. If you haven’t seen it, then I don’t know what you’re waiting on.

I especially love that not only were these women intelligent, they were beautiful and well dressed. Their fashion sense was on point and catered well to who they were as women, which is important. Little girls and women alike are inspired across the world by their wits and style. Even much so - there have been little girls dressing just like them.

During a Hollywood Reporter interview, ( credit here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hidden-figures-costume-designer-dressing-taraji-p-henson-octavia-spencer-janelle-monae-954273) the films Costume Designer Renee Ehrlich Kalfus offers a breakdown and the influence behind their personal styles, describing each individual’s style identity: “Katherine (Taraji’s character) was somebody that had a bit of an arc (moving with a curving trajectory), Dorothy (Octavia’s character) was a political force and powerful - and finally, Mary (Janelle’s character), the youngest, was the future and more rebellious.”

Let’s face it. Although the wardrobe was based in the 60’s they wore contemporary fashion that is considered vintage in today’s fashion á la mode. You can always expect for fashion to somewhat evolve, but remain the same. No matter what you currently wear, the film showed that not only can you be cute and smart, but it’s always best to be true to you.


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