For Us, By Us- Project by Tyreck Fuller

In this ever changing world, little is done for the black community. We have always had to fight, take, and persuade people to be on our side. And with recent presidential events, those times are not about to subside.

In a world that has been redesigned to cripple people of color, we have found ways to make ourselves feel good and amazing while making others envious and wanting to know how we hold our heads up high when we face such adversity. We are a beautiful people and will continue to show just how beautiful we can be in all aspects of life.

In the fashion world, there are some designers who secretly don't want people of color wearing their clothes. The comedy in this is you can say whatever you want about us wearing the clothes, but you can’t deny that we look damn good in them, even better than the people they were intended for. That’s the beauty of being someone of color, we make the haters and discriminators angry just by being decent in the community. And that is how we win, by being better than the violence, by being better than single-minded Presidents, by being better than those who would see us put back in our most oppressive days, we simply have to live for us and do better by us.

“For Us, By Us” is an ironic title because fashion was not made for us, nor was it made by us. But, it was enhanced, perfected, and given a greater purpose by us. We are in an age where we must continue to slay in fashion, slay in business, slay in education, and all other aspects of life. We must be the people who uplift us in our darkest hours and continue to hold ourselves in this light and on this pedestal of greatness. The clothes on our backs may not have been intended for us, but I'll be damned if we don't look good in them, if not better.

America is about to become a darker place for all and we must be prepared for the hail, sleet, and snow. Let’s rock fashion and do it better than they thought we could. These young men and women are prepared for the world and have faced hardships of their own. They are the cornucopia of what For us, by us means because most things are not for us, but they look better worn by us.

So everyone, do not let President Trump keep you from looking and feeling your best. He can only do but so much to a strong people. Life has always thrown people of color curve balls, all that matters is that we are prepared and ready to face the adversity together and always look our best doing it.

Article by Tyreck Fuller

Photography by Rian Watkins

Models- Adonis Morgan, Brandon Crawford, Armond Mosley ,Anayes Baldwin, Chanique O’neal , Terria Lee, and Felicia Walker

Song in slide show- Freedom by Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter

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