7 Stylish Girls You Need to Follow on Instagram Now

Instagram can be a wonderful place to connect with different people, find new friends and get daily inspiration. You may be wondering where you should start in your Instagram inspiration journey. Who should you connect to? Who are the influencers every carefree black girl should follow? Well, I have the perfect 7 girls on Instagram you should follow. The lucky 7 that is!

Phylia Calloway (@chocolatevibess)

Occupation: Style Blogger | Freelance Model

Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana

Why Should You Follow: Her style is not only superb but her Instagram is full of inspiration for black girls to love who they are in their skin. Plus, she is always dropping gems of her designing background as well! She is the perfect example of what Black Girl Magic is.

Natalie Kenney (@stylebynk) | (@creativeplayers)

Occupation: Entrepreneur | Stylist

Destination: Philadelphia, PA

Why Should You Follow: If you ever wanted to know the everyday life of an entrepreneur then Natalie is the perfect person to follow on Instagram. With ventures like Creative Players, a curated online marketplace which specializes in limited edition & vintage apparel, and Snap N Chat, a Q&A intimate dinner with influential people in the creative world, Natalie will show you that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Let her be your inspiration and motivation to get up and follow your dreams!

Catalina Lubin (@styleofcatalina)

Occupation: Beauty Vlogger

Destination: Philadelphia, PA

Why Should You Follow? : She is the epitome of beauty inspiration. Her YouTube  channel (Beat by Cat) showcases her amazing skills as makeup artist and totally makes it easy to follow for beginners. Plus, her style is a vintage masterpiece. You definitely want to follow her for all around style inspiration.

Amiraa Vee (@amiraavee)

Occupation: Model

Destination: Brooklyn, NY

Why Should You Follow? This model is definitely making a name for herself in the modeling world and following her IG is like a backstage view of her journey to that success. If anyone has dreams and aspirations of working in the fashion industry, she is definitely the person to follow for inspiration.

Jess (@fluorescenbrown)

Occupation: Lifestyle blogger | Vlogger

Destination: Los Angeles, CA

Why Should You Follow? Her page gives inspiring imagery of travel and friend goals that will make you want to change your life for the better. She also has a very entertaining YouTube channel that showcase everything from traveling to funny good times with her family.

Masoma (@iammasima)

Occupation: Style Guru | Social Media Intern for CollegeFashionista

Destination: Philadelphia, PA

Why Should You Follow? With great style and an even greater personality, Masoma is a perfect joy to follow on IG for style inspiration, daily smiles and her life as a style guru for CollegeFashionista. Did I mention she does all this while being a student?! She is definitely a black girl with magic.

Maria (@mariapigeon)

Occupation: Style Blogger | Fashion Entrepreneur

Destination: United Kingdom

Why Should You Follow? Her page serves as an online mood board for her quirky sense of style and ultra-cool online thrift boutique, Miss Pigeon Wardrobe. Plus, every once in awhile she drops gems inspiring and supporting the black community. She is definitely a rising star you will want to follow.


Article by Keyonna Butler

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