The World is Changing; Should the Way Sweatpants are Worn be Changed as Well?

As we all know, trends come and go, then they come back. Some trends die and don't come back, thankfully. But, there are those trends that come back and make a change in fashion.

I can’t speak for everyone, but mother always said there are things that are to be worn in public and then some things that are meant to be worn only in the comfort of the home. Sweatpants are one those things. Sweatpants were always a comfort piece of clothing, but some people like to be comfortable while being fashionable. Sweatpants have evolved from being big and baggy to being tapered and skinny fit without being uncomfortable.

My main issue with sweat pants is that it’s way too easy to just throw them on and call it an outfit. Now, ladies and gentleman, I know exactly why we like to see men in sweats, however, we aren't going to dive into that topic. This is more so about the appropriate time and place to wear them, not when you trying to sneak a peek down south.

Micheal B. Jordan. Picture taken from Buzzfeed

Micheal B. Jordan. Picture taken from Buzzfeed

But what exactly makes a sweat suit socially acceptable to wear? When you're going out, going out shopping, or going out to a party? Is it the label on it, the designer, the fit, the style?

My answer is this, though I am avid about wearing jeans when I go out in public, I will say that it is okay to wear them when certain conditions are met.

Condition one, if you ae going shopping and you need to try on clothes, I would say that it would be cool to wear sweatpants. The reason being is simple, you want to be as comfortable as possible spending most of your day shopping for new fits.

Condition two, if you are just hanging around your neighborhood. Let me reiterate in all caps so you guys understand: IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, meaning you just want to hang out with friends or run to the corner store, you don't really need to get dressed up for the occasion. Now if you want to leave past your neighborhood, my suggestion would be to go home and change so you can slay all the avenues, but that’s just me.

Condition three, if you're just running a few quick errands, comfort is cool. Why be in full slay mode when you are only going to be out for an hour or less? Do the bare minimum and do what you need to do, then get home and relax.

Don’t get me wrong, you are free to dress as you see fit. But I don't think we should be wearing sweat suits to the club or out to dinner. If I have to get dressed and slay, you better be glowing right next to me, so we can slay these mean streets of Philly together. Show me that you put in as much effort as I did to look good for you. So guys, if your lady puts on a full face, a nice dress, and 5 or 6 inch heels (because real women don't wear kitty cats), you better not even look at your sweatpants and Jordans.


Article by Tyreck Fuller

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