Summer Fashion Inspired by The 90s

The nineties are referred to as the golden decade for many things such as Hip Hop, television sitcoms and the boy bands and girl groups popular at that time. Many people get nostalgic whenever they see a rerun ofThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on MTV or hear a nineties track being sampled in a song that is played on the radio today. Millennials, as they are called, are now starting to bring back the sweet styles of nineties music, art and, fashion.

If you thought bamboo earrings, cropped and velvet tops, velvet dresses, ripped jeans and vamp make-up was something nineties kids thought of on their own then you are wrong. These trends were made popular in the nineties by the creativity of Generation X. Big stars such as TLC, Aaliyah, and Janet Jackson made the tomboy look a sweet-but-street trend for woman while hip hop artists such as Biggie Smalls, Will Smith and Diddy were becoming the new fashion icons.

Now, when you look at style blogs or even the daily street style from fashionistas all over the world, the nineties style is making the great comeback.While teenagers today rock varsity jackets, baseball caps, overalls, bomber jackets, baggy jeans and sportswear they may not be aware of where the trend originated. Additionally, top fashion designers such as Jeremy Scott and fashion brands like U.K. based Educate Elevate, are taking inspiration from the golden decade. The nineties will always be relevant in fashion and pop culture. Trends come and go only tobecome popular with a new generation. The style seen in the 90s will for sure be around in accessories like chokers or backpacks, and clothing for years to come. The style in thenineties is seen as timeless, meaning the nineties will never go out of style.


Article by Keyonna Butler


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