Too Good? Getting the goods in online shopping

Online shopping is nothing new but still a lot of people are leery because of possible scams or just not being able to see feel and test the product before purchasing.  Well have no fear, I am going to help you by giving you a few tips for doing your research before purchasing online.


First things first, is the site reputable?  Does it have a secured check out? Even better does the site use a secure online payment system such as PayPal?  You can check by simply going to the site and checking in the About section or the Frequently Asked Questions also known as FAQs. Another tip for checking for a secure check out experience before entering your credit card information is checking that the web address contains ‘https’; the ‘s’ lets you know that the site is secure.

Rave Reviews

So, you’ve found a trendy online clothing boutique through social media advertisement and you are ready to make your purchase now so you can slay by the weekend! All the reviews are positive with 5 stars so you’re good to go.  Hold on Sis! Not just yet! If it’s too good to be true it most likely is. If all the reviews on the site are positive this is a red flag.  This site may be a scam so do your research online and find reviews that are not on their site. Most online retailers do not have 100% positive reviews. Someone somewhere will be dissatisfied with a product, customer service or they are just harsh critics who hold five star ratings in high regard.  Whatever the case may be if you find a site with high ratings and positive reviews, never fear, YouTube is here! You can count on YouTube for finding honest reviews and even try-on hauls.  Although, most YouTubers have sponsorships or receive products for free they mostly provide honest reviews, clothing try-on’s, product testing and share their customer service experiences.

One size does not fit all!

Affordable fashion sites or vendors often outsource or are located overseas.  This means differences in size conversion.  Europe has their own sizing and so does Asia, but differ from US sizing.  A lot of the items that I’ve seen at low prices on Amazon, for instance, are from companies shipping from Asia.  You can gather that the vendor or site you are ordering from is in Asia from the shipping time and the reviews from your other sources, for example YouTube.  This is important because Asian sizing is very small in comparison to sizes here in the US.  So, if you are a US size L or XL, you may have to order an Asian size XXXL or XXXXL if offered, to get a size that is close to your true dress size.  Again, this is where YouTube is helpful as reviews and try on’s will give you information on how to order from these online retailers.

The Devils in the details

Your online shopping experience is a bit different than shopping in the store and it’s because of these two senses; sight and touch.  It’s good to read a review about how great a lipstick is, but you can’t test it through your smartphone or laptop.  Although videos of swatches on girls with a similar complexion as you are helpful you just want the real thing, right?  Well there are some sites that offer returns or exchanges just check the FAQ or Return Policy on the website.  The same with clothes. The ever so popular FashionNova has a straight forward Return Policy and is very upfront about the Return Policy for any items that are non-refundable, such as intimates or bodysuits. There’s no fear of commitment.  From my experience with returning items to online retailers I haven’t lost any money and I was able to exchange for another item with no questions asked.  Additionally, the cost of return shipping at the post office is just about the same as it would cost in gas to drive to and from the store, not expensive at all. 

Once you get the hang of it, shopping online can really be fun, and addicting. You can find unique items that you may not find at stores in your area and at affordable prices.  Most importantly by doing your research you can make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck and not throwing your money down the drain on a scam.  Let’s keep the slay alive and save some money at the same time. If you have an online experience you’d like to share tag us on Instagram and hashtag #toogood. We’d love to hear from you!


Tina McEachin


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