Spring Colors Every Melanated-Women Needs

Spring Colors Every Melanated-Women Needs by Toyo Aboderin

With the change of seasons comes a change of color. The time has officially come to ditch the earth tones and neutrals for something more vibrant. While melanated women are capable of pulling off any color, these shades are a must-have for your spring wardrobe.

1. Orange - Any shade of orange is guaranteed to compliment your skin tone. Try an orange pigmented eyeshadow for a pop of color. The warm hints will brighten your eyes and draw attention to your spring glow.

2. Iridescent/Holographic/Metallic – Iridescent, holographic, and metallic colors are trending once again. From your nails to your clothing, these shades are sure to bring a fashionable edge to any look. Add a holographic fanny pack to your next fit for a fashion forward statement. 

3. Blue – Blue is usually known for it's slightly dull aesthetic, but not this summer. You can use blue as an accent to a signature look or embrace the color all together to create a dauntless outfit. Stick to shades of electric blue for a bold appearance or soft pastels for a beautiful contrast.

4. Pink - The brighter, the better! Whether worn in your hair, clothing, or makeup, pink is sure to turn heads this season. Replace pastel shades of pink for a flashier look.

5. Yellow – Yellow is the unofficial color of the season and should be in every melanated women’s wardrobe. From dandelions to fluorescents, yellow will flatter your gorgeous skin tone and highlight your best features.

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