Style Profile: The Kanye West Effect

Style Profile: Kanye West Fall Fashion Influence

“Take this look, I don’t mind…got plenty others and it’s so fine." 

         Fashion changes ALL the time. As of fall 2015, it’s all over the place; that’s both good and bad. I actually love the styles because it seems as if, as a culture, we’re moving away from the need for big name fashion and labels and more towards minimal styles and little to no branding. The clothing itself is more minimal too. One of my favorite artists of all time and one of my favorite fashion/style inspirations is Kanye West. Love him or hate him, he has always been cutting edge; not only in music but in fashion as well. From the time he came into the game in the early 2000’s with the pink Polo shirts and backpacks, to the Mohawk fade and bow tie look from 2008, to now in 2015 with bomber jackets, Chelsea boots, Adidas sneakers, oversized tops and slim/skinny bottoms. Youth of all creeds and colors love and look up to him but for black kids, it’s almost as if they feel like they can’t shouldn’t wouldn’t or don’t but when I walk around the city downtown or on a college campus or on black Tumblr blogs, it’s clear where their influences are coming from. Kids camped out for his Yeezy sneakers every time they dropped this year. Spent their last and their life savings on the collections. Kanye himself even turned up for in store signings.  For this year’s fall season, layering is a big thing. Once again, something Kanye West does extraordinarily well. Long line t-shirts, long or short sleeve, slim/skinny jeans combined with Chelsea books or running sneakers. 


Article by Tarick Banton

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