3 Reasons You Should Consider Living Abroad

Can’t afford to stay stagnant, you will collect dust.” Three reasons why you should consider living abroad at least once in your life.

There are 196 countries in this world and you are telling me you only want to experience living in just one? Come on.

Hey guys! I am Kadesha, a 23 yr old Travel Aficionado at heart. At the tender age of 18, I decided I wanted a challenge, something new and different, something scary at first but I know will be sweet at the end. You know, something just to push me out of my comfort zone. So I decided to leave my home country of Trinidad and Tobago entirely and pursue my degree in a foreign country.  I got remarks from people saying, “Are you crazy!” “ You good oui (which translates to you are out of your mind) But hey as my brother always advised me, “ You cant afford to stay stagnant, you’d collect dust.” And I Kadesha Alia Holder didn’t want that dust, like who does? SO I left and the experience was one I would cherish forever. 

Let me tell you why…

1.      Life is short. – Cliché sayings usually hold the most truth. Life isss* short. So get out there and live, experience, try something new and different. I promise you, it benefits you in the long run. Experiencing a different culture and a different way of life not only changes your perspective but adds value to your life. I promise you!

2.      Builds your character/ discover yourself.  What better way to create you? You are away from familiar settings and faces. Living in another country pushes you to develop in ways you could never imagine. You will be faced with challenges, from finding a suitable place to settle to learning the culture of people within the county and even making new friendships. But I guarantee you it will be all so worth it. Quick story! When I first moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple University, I cried on my first day of school. Entering college in the spring semester and not fall semester, hello!! Everyone has already formed their cliques and created their friendships and here I am , a girl with an accent not knowing how the heck im going to adjust. But I could tell you, me feeling uncomfortable pushed me to get out there and make friends and to speak up.

3.      Growth.  Outright growth, you will grow in every aspect of life. You will grow in the sense that your survival instincts will kick in encouraging you to be more smart in purchasing items, making decisions and grabbing onto worthy opportunities.  Ways I have grown from living abroad you may ask?

·         You become more responsible  

·          You grow to have more appreciation for different cultures

·         I could adapt to any situation.

·         You become more open minded and independent

·         You’d learn how to go with the flow of life and become more flexible.

All in all, it’s something you should consider… forget fear of being on your own and whatever else is stopping you from experiencing something great.  For those of you who lived in another country, what was one of your greatest achievements from living abroad? 

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