Stop for a minute and take it all in: Why you should make more time for vacation

People of today are always on a green light. Never taking a minute to stop and smell the roses or taking a moment to just bask in the ambiance of success. Let’s just say that no human should live their life like that. We have to stop and enjoy the little things in life or we become boring and mundane. If all we do is work, work, work, work, work (shoutout to Rihanna for helping with the pun) then we have time to enjoy life. So, I say its time to put life on pause and plan a nice vacation for yourself.

Let it be stated that you absolutely do not need to leave the country to have a great vacation. Thats a common misunderstanding among young folks. Before you venture out into the world, start by looking at your country. For Americans, we are lucky to have many places with different climates and experiences.

Don't worry, its obvious that you like a warm climate where you can bask in the rays of the sun, while taking selfies in your cute bathing suit and new sunglasses and digging your toes in the sand.


Miami is always a place to go. Miami is always a vibrant and happening place. More specifically South Beach is the place to be. With its amazing beaches, great bars (if you are of age), and its night life. Places like Señor Frog, where you can get booze and have fun with a Mexican Frog thats a one in a lifetime opportunity folks. If you like Mardi Gras, then you will love Fat Tuesday and their array of frozen drinks. They are known for their 190 Octane, its amazing, tread lightly kids. Miami’s night life is enough to attract even the most laid back of people. Even celebrities frequent Miami because its a very nice place to be when you just want to get away from your troubles and have a great time. Miami is a trip that you go with a group of friends and enjoy each others company by talking and reconnecting over drinks and food. Then at night, get dressed in your sexy outfits and go out and enjoy life because even walking at night past the clubs and bars is its own party.

Photo by Joseph Brown

Photo by Joseph Brown

If you don't like sand but still want the heat, then “Hotlanta” is the place for you. Atlanta, Georgia is definitely one of the best turn up southern states. For starters, it offers tourist attractions like the Coca-Cola Factory or the Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium is a beautiful place its a place you go with your significant other or the children and have a great time. Theres so much to do whether it be animal encounters or going to the dolphin show, its something you just have to do while you are there. Atlanta is a beautiful city, its filled with many adventures waiting to happen. Most people don’t know that Cascade, the skating rink from the movie “ATL,” is a real place. Its a popular place just like in the movie but, you better know how to skate. Atlanta’s LGBTQ community is vibrant as well. Atlantas Gay Pride event is an all time favorite event. People from all over come to Atlanta for Pride and the night life that follows. It literally is something to behold and has to be experienced.

Photo by Gary and Lissa Knight

Photo by Gary and Lissa Knight

 For those individuals that like the colder weather, you will not get an service in the woods. However, its good to be separated from are technology prisons and enjoy the beautiful scenery that comes with a mountain cabin. This trip is a Fall-Winter kind of event and as said before, its very intimate so its ideally for couples or a group of friends who want to reconnect away from city life. These kind of trips involve long drives because you cant typically fly to these places. But don't let that be discouraging, road trips are amazingly fun. All the sightseeing and the open road and road kill are what makes it all worth it, well maybe not the road kill but everything else is worth it. Cabin trips offer beautiful scenery, outdoor activity and is ideal for people who want to escape a technical world and become one with nature by going hikes or just sitting in the woods and listening to the sounds of the animals and wilderness.                                        


These are just a few examples of great places to help you unwind and take a deep breath. Great deals on these locations can be found There’s always discounted vacation spots on this site including resorts, cruises, cabin trips and beach vacations. So take some time and look through the site, you will not regret it.


Taking a break from life is essential in life. We live in a time of great stress and depression and its important that we get in tune with our inner Neo and fall all the way back (Thank you Matrix and Keanu Reeves) from work and the hardships of our daily life. But remember it is just a vacation, its meant to help provide you some relief from stress so that when you do face it you're facing it with a cool, calm, and collected head. 

Article by Tyreck Fuller


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