Five European Getaways for Your Next Vacation


As someone who’s always moving, searching and wandering, traveling is something that is very important to me. I had the opportunity to spend eight amazing months studying abroad in London, UK. London will always have a special place in my heart and forever be one of my top favorite cities, but during my time away I was able to visit other places I had never even dreamed of being. So from one wanderer to another, here are a few European getaways I highly recommend.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is probably one of the most picturesque cities you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting. It looks straight out of a Disney movie (fun fact: The author of The Little Mermaid got inspiration for the story from this city, and there’s a statue of her on the edge of the city). Especially during the winter when the Christmas markets and lights are set up, you can’t help but feel like you’re a prince or princess waiting for the ball to begin.

Budapest, Hungary

            This eastern European city has not only a lot of culture and old school vibes, but its own character that makes you feel like you belong. Not once did I ever feel in danger in Budapest, even not knowing the language.  I recommend the end of winter, when things are still a bit chilly but not unbearable, and just walking and exploring the city at your own pace, seeing the lights at night and definitely going to one of the famous Ruin Bars at night. The people are some of the friendliest, the food definitely not what I was used to, but delicious nonetheless, nothing was super expensive and you can’t help but fall in love with the old architecture and art of the city.


Ibiza, Spain

            No, this city was not chosen because of the Mike Posner song about partying and drugs. Though the little island is known for its wild nightlife, I would actually recommend taking a trip here during its off season. Between November and April, the island is inhabited by mainly locals, a few tourists but is overall more calm and relaxing. Everyone loves their share of going out on the town, but being able to explore the small island and all its nooks and crannies on my own time was probably a better time (at least for me) than being constantly out and about.

Lagos, Portugal

            This may be one of Portugal’s best kept secrets in the terms that many people would bypass this coastal city for one of the bigger cities. Albufeira, like Ibiza in the off season, is beautiful and looks straight out of a travel agency photo. It also has it’s ara to go out and have a good time at night, but it’s beaches look unreal and in my opinion, are too gorgeous to pass up. Food in Portugal is unreal, and something I would not pass up for anything. This is definitely a place to consider if you want to sit in the sun and just forget about the world for a while.

Rome, Italy

            Though the city is huge, Rome is definitely one of those places where you could get lost and feel at peace. There’s history at every corner and real, amazingly delicious Italian food at every turn. Romans being some of the friendliest people I’ve met, they make you feel right at home and comfortable in the city.

So wanderlusters, if you’re looking for your next destination for a vacation, I would definitely recommend one of these gems. Each one made me feel safe, happy and as if I was truly one of the locals. Get planning, get packing and set off for a vacation full of memories, beauty and history like you’ve never seen before.


Article by Zipporah Dixon

All photos taken by Zipporah Dixon

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