Out With The New: Early 00’s trends that are making a serious comeback

Just when you think it’s safe to get rid of your old clothes, they instantly become “in” again. So, before you do some serious spring clean and get rid of those patch jeans you were desperately trying to get rid of, take a look at some of these fame trends from the early 00’s that has fashionably made its way back into our hearts and our closets!

The 00’s were a time of 106 & Park, boy bands and Destiny’s Child. It was also a time where most of us bad some really bad fashion choices. From belly shirts to trucker hats, people tried some really out there trends whether for good or worst. Just when we thought it was a wrap for some of those memorable fashion trends, they come back in full circle one more time but in a more stylish way!

Remember puff jackets? How can you not! Not only were they super warm but they always came in many different colors and was worn by some of the biggest Hip Hop acts in the game. Now, they have a mad a big comeback in a big way. You can see them every from music videos to even fashion week! They have definitely become the new winter staple look for 2016.

Another trend that has come from out of the shadows is name necklaces. Don’t know how many times I’ve seen girl wearing these with their boyfriends name on it. Well, they are here again. Celebrities such as Rihanna & Amber Rose has been seen wearing the only accessory that literally has your name on it. The cute accessory is good for causal looks or to just create an outfit that is just so you!

One of my favorite trends that’s coming back on the scene is embellish jeans! Back in the day, Destiny’s Child was notorious for rocking some flashy jeans (um can you say Bug a Boo video!) but now these jeans can be seen on every fashion runway and magazine possible. Let us not forget that it also makes for a super fun DIY project.

A surprising fashion trend that is hitting the streets again is bucket hats. Yes, I was a victim of the buck hat craze but it’s surprising to say they are making a huge comeback. So, be sure to be ready to see there on every street corner come the summer of 2016.

Those are just a few of the wacky trends that are making a stylish comeback for 2016. Hate them or love them, they’re back for vengeance!



Article by Keyonna Butler

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