Street Style Trends for the Fall

Whether the time is hot, cold, or in between, there is one thing we can count on seeing and that is street style. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves without having to say a word. In a way, street style enables us to get a glimpse of what people are actually like. Here are some outfits I believe capture the spirit and diversity of street style and what it means to different people.

I appreciate the elements of casual chic. The black two piece and shades give the outfit ease. The coat and heels give an extra flare.

A biker jacket is a staple piece and should be in everyone’s closet. You have the ability to dress it up or down depending on the look you are going for. This look was a mix of casual and glam in its own way. The skinny mustard yellow trousers give the outfit a classic pop along with the dainty white purse.


Street style does not always have to be casual. It can definitely be all the way glam too. Here is a clear picture of that. She decided to keep the look simple with a black palette. She focused on using different textures of black to take the outfit to a different level.

Here is another monochromatic neutral scheme. The soft suede mixed with the hard leather jacket gives the outfit an edge. The colors are what adds a feminine touch to the look.

We of course cannot forget the men! He decided to sport an all black ensemble. We notice the T-Shirt under the tailored blazer to give a casual appeal. The sneakers paired together with those sunglasses give his cool a modern twist.

Street style is whatever you make of it. This gentleman paired tailored pants with a hoodie, sneakers, and long line jacket.  


Article by Yan

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