Lets get hot: Street Fashion Ideas for the Approaching Summer

Lets get hot: Street fashion ideas for the approaching summer

Slay in all denim and nude heels.    Photo found on Pinterest

Slay in all denim and nude heels.

Photo found on Pinterest

Summer is on the horizon and we all need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming heat. But, like most things in life, one must be cute and fashionable while doing so. Summer is all about shedding those layers and letting those arms and legs free or showing off that body you've been working so hard to get, and of course staying cool but being trendy and cute is more important.

Having a street style does not mean baggy jeans and booty shorts, it means having an urban and rugged style that you have tweaked to fit how you want to look. If you are still confused think about what kind of look this is think about Chris Brown in his “Loyal” video. His outfits were not very extravagant, but they provided a sense of comfort and style that fit his personality and the feel of the music.  

In the summer, you don't necessarily have to wear less in order to be fashionable and maintain keeping cool. When you dress, you simply have to think about what pieces can go together and if the weather takes a turn will it be okay to wear this.

To start, denim is always in that being said you do not need a denim jacket, you can simply wear a denim shirt as a layering piece because its much lighter and wont be a pain to carry around if you decide to take it off. If you do take it off, you can tie it around your waist which will give you a more street posed look. This can also be done with flannel shirts.


One thing I personally love is African wear in the summer. The prints, how they caress the body, and how they seem to bring out the best in everyone. Upon first look, African attire would seem to be a more dressy and celebratory type of fashion but paired with the right pieces it can be whatever you want. I personally want to see more dashikis and similar pieces this summer. Its such a beautiful piece of fashion but unforgivably overlooked by most. 

Article by Tyreck Fuller