The Digital Art Gallery

Over the weekend, Digital Art Gallery hosted yet another outstanding show which was far from disappointing. The Digital Art Gallery was created by Kwashee Totemeh .It allows local artists to display their unique art work in dope venues to a multicultural melting pot of quirky millennials. KAMSI was able to highlight a few of the artists and learn more about their brands..

Temi Designs was created by Temi Oyelola. Temi didn’t get into art the conventional way. She was inspired by artwork that she would see on social media and taught herself how to emulate it. She was encouraged by her sisters to start selling and her brand started from there. “The way I would describe my brand is minimal, feminine, and simple.” Temi has been successful with selling her artwork at art shows and on Instagram. You can find her work on Instagram- @Temidesigns.

Luster Love was created by Chelsey Luster. First, the work of Chelsey Love is beyond beautiful. It’s reminiscent of the work of the OG fine artists. Chelsey uses mainly charcoal, oil paint, and acrylic. But, her talent is not limited to just that. Chelsey also works her skills in photography and Photoshop, “I’m basically a visual artist over all”. She started when she was eight years old and has been continuing to practice art ever since. Her work can be found at @luster_love on Instagram and site

DWHPP was created by Dyymond Whipper-Young. Dyymond is the artist to meet. She’s vibrant and unapologetic and it shows in her artwork. “I would describe my brand as me. That’s the best part of my brand. No matter how I change and develop, it’ll always be my brand.” Dyymond started with doodling in the 5th grade and sought out art schools that’ll help her practice her skill. Great opportunities recently started coming her way when she first premiered her brand in the one year anniversary of the Digital Art Gallery over the summer. Her work can be found on Instagram- @_DWHPP and site

Three Face Media was created by Christopher Williams. He’s the man that does it all. There’s no limit to what he chooses to do. Christopher dabbles into music, art, and videos. His style is very versatile when it comes to digital art. “I do abstract pieces, which is my main [style]. I like to focus on minimalistic pieces.” Christopher practiced art for a majority of his life. He started with music, specifically the flute (it got him close to the ladies, so no complaints) and eventually got into musical engineering. While engineering, he met with a lot of musicians who needed photography and graphic design. Christopher took on the challenge and later developed his brand. You can find Three Face Media on Instagram - @3faceart and site

Bomber Gurl is reminiscent of the 90s but with modern twist. Creator Tyeisha Comer, creates eye catching work with humor that only adults could get. She’s been drawing since she was young and is in a family filled with artists. Not only can Tyesha draw but she’s also a DJ. She’s pretty dope. You can find her work on Instagram- @bombergurl and check out her DJ skills on soundcloud- djbombergurl.

Last but certainly not least is SAEEDVP (Saeed Vantage Point). Creator Saeed is beyond our time. His artwork creates an imaginative perspective with art. As he would put it “My brand is elevating everyday experience”. Saeed has been into art since he was in first grade. He eventually studied digital painting and traditional art. You can find his work on his site at or in Instagram-@saeedsvp.


As I was talking to these brilliant artists, I noticed a few common similarities. One obvious reason is the love for art and black art. But, also these people are all Temple alumni (including the creator of The Digital Art Galley). Not to be biased (because I am a Temple owl myself), but Temple University is really a common ground for amazing talent and community amongst black millennials. It’s always a good feeling to see a fellow owl doing amazing things.    


Article by Chinazo Enigwe

Edited by Shanice Greaves

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