Urban Chronicles: Cosmos Virtuoso


In every city there are those hidden gems that few may know about. Whether it’s a club that always have the jamming music or an event that is small but still leave a mark that will change your experience of going out. Being that I’m a person who is going through a journey from coach potato to social butterfly, it’s still little surprises throughout the city that I have yet to discover myself.

There is one event in the city that everyone should attend that is both fun and moving. Comos Virtuoso is an open stage filled with indie artists, poets and all around creative thinkers in the city of brotherly love. Started by Omi Muhammad, who is a host, dancer and artist herself, started this collective to inspire unity among the Philadelphia art scene. What is so exceptional about this open mic event is that it starts with a “meeting of the minds” segment that gathers everyone in the audience to speak on topics such as art, social justice and pop culture. This brings the audience into a more intimate setting and gives a great way to being interactive with the audience. Held at Evil Eye café on South St., this event is hold every 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month and it cost only $5 for entry. Trust me when I say it’s worth the $5 dollars. Not only will you be very entertained but you will leave learning something new and have a new connection in the city. Comos Virtuoso Open Mic series is definitely an experience worth the talk. 


Article by Keyonna Butler