The only way to truly experience a country is to completely immerse yourself in it, same is said for cities. Los Angeles California is no exception. To truly experience Los Angeles and all it has to offer you must go to every nook and cranny. Even as a native I have yet to find myself visiting and experiencing everything this great city has.

From music to fashion and travel, Los Angeles is home to many ideas and individuals who contribute to the overall culture. The city as a whole cannot be categorized as a specific type of culture; with suburbs like Koreatown, Little Armenia, Hollywood, and Little Tokyo, Los Angeles is a melting pot of every culture the world has to offer. Museums, parks, theaters, beaches, and many more; every building and location in the city has a great story to be told and heard.

For example, Downtown Los Angeles is home to many great shows, artwalks, events, and great shopping; many people from different areas come together in Downtown L.A. to experience the bustling clubs, glittering towers and crumbly Art Deco facades.

Being home to one of the largest international airports in the country, natives and visitors are encouraged to travel to and from the city. Visitors from different countries and cities come to Los Angeles to experience it as well as contribute to the ever growing melting pot of culture.

To try to explain the culture of Los Angeles California would be like trying to verbally express how delicious your favorite meal is, as many people will tell you it is almost impossible to do. So instead of searching for the words to express how amazing my city is, I encourage you to visit it for yourself and experience everything it has to offer!


Article by Blessing Akinsilo