What to wear to an interview

            An interview can either make or break your chances of getting your dream job. It is not only important to know what to say but to look the part. Believe it or not appearances are everything. We live in a world where we are judged by how we look and it is no different in the job world. It has been studied that how we look determines how we feel. It is important to be confident during your interview. Your future employer needs to believe in what you have to offer. This all starts with your appearance. Interview attire can be a bit tricky. We wonder if we can wear that favorite outfit we love or those heels or even lipstick color. I want to first mention the field you are interested in determines interview attire. If you are an artist, you have more options to be expressive in what you wear. However, if you lean towards the corporate world, your dress code will be a bit different. In this article I will cover over some interview fashion tips that could help you if your dream job rolls around the corner.

             Retail, non-profits, social work, and even art related fields can benefits from these basic tips. A black blazer, skirt, or pants are crucial. These are staple pieces we should all have in our closets. If you were interested in a “black tie” work environment then the classic black blazer and pants/skirt paired with a crisp white blouse/shirt would do the trick. The look needs to be kept simple with a black pump. If you want to show a bit more of your personality, feel free to add a pop of color with the black blazer. You may opt for a pastel blouse in shades blue, green, purple; whatever you like. If black is not your style, you can go for earth tones such as a brown, tan or beige skirt or pant suit. The look would go great with a chocolate or deep brown blouse and a nude or dark brown pump. The most important point is to be clean, chic, and classic. You want to be taken seriously so it is key to keep the look simple but still show your personality. In terms of art-based interviews, there is the opportunity to be more creative in your way of dress. However, you still want to make sure you are put together and each piece of clothing and accessory makes sense to the job position. It would be okay to wear a colored pant like royal blue or even orange. I would still suggest it is paired with a crisp white or cream blouse. The shoe can be nude or even a complimentary to your pant. For example, with an orange pant or skirt you may opt for a blue heel and maybe a beige blazer. A blazer really helps to tie in the look together and add a sense of professionalism.

            We have got the attire down pack. Now let us discuss how to add some extra flair to your interview look. Accessories can truly elevate your look from drab to fab! It is all in the details to give your outfit a little pop. You can either add gold, silver, brass, or even multicolor accents to pull everything together. We want to stay away from multicolored all over. We want to focus it in certain areas. For example, a multicolored necklace would look great against a white blouse. You will still have her black, brown, or grey pants to keep the look subdued. You can make it as interesting as you want. You can add gold bracelets or go for a rhinestone bib necklace. The possibilities are endless; you just need to edit, edit, and edit. As they say, less is more and you definitely want to make yourself stand out instead of your accessories. For my ladies out there, let us talk a bit about our makeup. I advise the same with your clothing choice; keep it clean and simple. I would advise a brown, pink, or peachy nude lip. For the eyes I suggest earth tone colors and maybe some sparkle in the tear duct area.

            I hope these tips were helpful to you! I do not want to stress out about what to wear. It gets easier the more interviews you go on or by the amount of self-help articles you read. If you forget anything else, remember these tips: 1) add a staple pieces such as a blazer, skirt or pants 2) classic colors such as black or earth tones and 3) incorporate accessories to make your look pop. Good luck on your interviews!

 Article by Yan